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How Web Design Can Improve Your Sales

As they say, ‘the first impression is the immediate impression’, holds so true for web design that as by the studies 95% of the first impressions are formed into website designs

As they say, ‘the first impression is the immediate impression’, holds so true for web design that as by the studies 95% of the first impressions are formed into website designs. Several factors help in forming the first impressions like website speed, quality of images & visuals, head to view the full web page on a mobile screen, or other devices to name a few. Web design plays a vital role in engaging the visitors on the website including make them buy products or services that the brand has to offer. This is the idea that nowadays companies are spending massively on website design to encash the virtual port by making impressive, responsive, attractive, plus user-friendly websites.

While it’s said “don’t judge a book by its cover”, stats prove that “If people had to use the content for 15 minutes, 66% of them favor to look at a beautifully designed website”. The initial impressions of your website connects to web design”. These mindboggling more important percentages found in 2020; are indicative that Web design is a rather significant factor in your Website’s performance. 

If you are still wondering if you’ll end up burning off more than you can chew, and if you should spend in a Web Design Company like us; we would need to let you know that Web Design can be important for your sales. Wondering how? Well, other statists show that “75% of the likelihood of your website comes from the web design.” This means that a badly designed website can make your website look irresponsible to the visitors. Now you should know the significance of high-quality design for your website. Then how should your design be to make visitors believe plus invest in you and increase your sales like crazy? 

Importance of Web Design for Sales

The first interaction that holds a place between the brand and the audience is through the website. Therefore, a business can increase sales with web design having a clear layout, appealing visuals, and good navigation. To explain this more clearly read the statistics given below.

– 75% of the opinions about website credibility is formed in web design

The visitors judge the reliability of the website through its web design. It is really great to revamping the website on regular basis to keep the web design updated. An updated, modern, clean, plus appealing web design engages the guests that increase sales plus revenues.

– 89% of the audience buy from the competitor after suffering from poor user experience

A website with poor usability including functionality fails to impress the visitors who end up buying products plus services from the competitor brands. An appealing web design involves visitors and improves sales & business growth.

– 38% of the audience skips scanning unattractive websites

The modern and visually appealing web designs bring visitors and turn them into possible buyers. This improves sales multiple times and so are the revenues.

5 Ways to Boost Sales Through Web Design

After understanding the value of web design for increasing sales, it's time to learn the ways of developing web designs to increase conversions.

Responsive Web Design: As per the statistics, 37% of the consumers buy products or help through their mobile phones. Therefore, it is important to have a website accessible by all kinds of electronic gadgets. Responsive website design does the website fit into any screen size so that it can be reached easily using mobile devices, tablets, plus iPhone.

Create Outstanding CTAs: Modern web designs incorporate CTA or call-to-action features to encourage the visitors to take action on a website like choosing the form, sign in for free trials, downloading folders, etc. CTAs can be done within form fields, text links, buttons, & image links.

Use of HD images & videos: The idea of a website speaks volumes about the company within its design elements and multi-media. High-quality images, videos, and graphics are the attention of the visitors for a longer duration. It is also desirable to use images and videos that are custom-made instead of free images free on various websites to give a personal touch to the website design.

Navigation: Navigation helps the guests to find what they require to see on the website. It links every page that a visitor views including also help them to go back to any page they hit earlier. It is advisable to use broad categories plus organize subcategories to help the visitors in finding products also services that they can buy.

Speed: Every year revenue loss of $2.6 bn notes place because of slow loading websites. This is a fast age plus a company with a slow loading website suffers from loss of sales plus revenues. The modern wen design not only provides a competitive appearance and develop its functionality but it also degrades the loading speed of a website.


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