Numbers and their mysteries with numerology

Since the invention of numbers and mathematics, they have taken on a mystical and meaningful dimension: many texts bear witness to the use of numerology in ancient wisdom books such as Chinese works or those of the Kabbalah. Also called the science of numbers, the practice of numerology has existed for millennia, and has crossed disciplines as varied as the esoteric field or philosophy.

Revealing figures since the dawn of time

The practice of numerology is commonly considered to have its origins in the teaching of the Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras. Throughout the centuries, then, it seems that numerology has long remained an occult science and reserved for a small circle of initiates, who jealously guarded the secret of their tool of divination. It was only at the beginning of the 20th century that numerology found an echo in the medium of French clairvoyants, after having been brought up to date in the United States. Since then, the relevance of numerology as a divinatory practice is no longer to be demonstrated: widely used by mediums and clairvoyants. the most recognized , numerology is in particular one of the tools that Esteban Frédéric uses to predict the future.

Numerological science to get to know yourself better

And indeed, numerology teaches us a lot about ourselves. By basing itself on several personal data, such as the first name and the last name, or the date of birth , numerological science makes it possible to provide elements of answer to the great existential questions. By leaning towards our future, the science of numbers gives us a scent of what awaits us, and thus offers us the possibility of anticipating a multitude of events, to continue to advance serenely.

Triple numbers: when should you start asking questions?

In other words, when should we distinguish the simple fruit of chance and the reality of a message sent from beyond? It's relatively straightforward. If recently, you regularly and repeatedly come across a triple number, such as 333, you will have to start asking yourself a few questions. For example, you automatically check your phone and notice several times that you perform this gesture at 3.33 am precisely. You wake up with a start in the middle of the night and your dial always displays the same time: 3:33! You are walking in the street and your gaze is instinctively drawn to a license plate on which is written the angel number 333. So no, you are not dreaming, it may well be a message sent by your guardian angels. When we realize this reality, we instinctively tend to panic, to imagine the worst and to see the presence of a triple number as a sign that the forces of evil are seeking to harm us.

Contrary to popular belief, triple numbers don't necessarily spell bad news. On the contrary, some of them like for example the numbers 222 or 444 indeed seek to send us reassuring, benevolent and full of love messages.

Meaning of the number 333: good or bad news to predict?

The number 333 has a tendency to instinctively be afraid. In reality, it wants to be much more reassuring than it seems. Indeed, the meaning of the number 333 should delight more than one. If you regularly cross the number 333 on your way, you must interpret this phenomenon as a sign that ascended masters have quite simply entered into fusion with your being. Day and night, they work alongside you, accompany you and envelop you in their love and benevolence. Your ascended masters love you and serve as your guides in order to constantly protect you from forces that may seek to harm you.

Meaning of the number 222: good or bad news on the horizon?

The meaning of the number 222 could well delight more than one. But first of all, have you ever heard of triple numbers? Do you know their meaning? Do you believe that the appearance of triple numbers is the simple result of chance or do you interpret it as a sign of fate ?

When you walk in the street, you often come across this strange number: 222. You regularly wake up at a specific time: 2:22. Not 2:21 nor 2:23, no. The same time is inexorably inscribed on the dial when you are suddenly awakened from your sleep : 2:22.

Even if you shouldn't see a sign of fate every time you cross a triple number, if this event repeats itself, you should still ask yourself a few questions.

You may not know it yet, but every triple number does have a meaning, especially if it comes your way over and over again.

Indeed, the appearance of triple number must be interpreted as the sign that your guardian angels seek to send you a message from the beyond: alerts as to a potential danger lurking around you, reassuring message, message of love, promise of success are all hidden messages that spirits seek to send to you.

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