Top Maruti Dealers in Trivandrum

maruti dealers in Trivandrum

Top Maruti Dealers in Trivandrum

Maruti has been India’s number one car brand since inception in the early 1980s. The arrival of Maruti cars has changed the Indian vehicle market. The brand introduced modern technical elements and aerodynamic design aspects to the customers. It successfully outperformed the Premier Padmini and Ambassador cars that were following obsolete technology and age-old styling, easily.

Along with the advancement in features, several reasons that acted in favour of Maruti. The brand’s wide dealership and service network has been another instrumental factor.  You will find multiple dealers and service centres of Maruti at every location. Pushing you into confusion about the right dealership to choose. We are listing out the top Maruti dealers in Trivandrum to help you, in case you are considering a Maruti car in the district.

The list of top Maruti showrooms in Trivandrum has been prepared after a thorough analysis of their performance over the period of existence. We pursued a customer’s Point of View (POV) whilst arranging the dealers. Reliability of the showroom, the credibility of the dealership, deals they offer to clients, customer service, after-sales support and optimistic attitude have been considered along with other relevant aspects.

The top Maruti dealers in Trivandrum are:

Indus Motors

Indus Motors in Trivandrum and other locations in Kerala, has attained the identity of the most trustworthy dealership through committed performance for more than three decades. Indus has been registering maximum Maruti car sales and topping the sales chart every year. Thus, the firm has been playing a remarkable role in boosting Maruti car sales in the state. Indus would be the right place to reach to realize your long-cherished dream of owning a car. They will help you in every possible way, including intermediating finance to meet the fund requirements. It is sure that you will not find the mesmerizing collection of Maruti car models, ultramodern servicing facilities, matchless customer support and great offers as in Indus Motors, anywhere else.

Indus has multiple showrooms located in the prime spots across the district. They can be approached to discuss exclusive deals and offers. Unparalleled support to customers is another main characteristic that distinguishes Indus from others. They are very transparent about the deals and don't fake claims. Indus Motors has a selected team of professionals, who will help you regarding everything related to the purchase of a Maruti car model. To discuss the latest deals, offers and exclusive features of Maruti cars, contact Indus now.


Contact: 04847122606

Popular Vehicles

Popular Vehicles claims them to be the third-largest dealership for Maruti cars, in terms of sales. The Maruti dealership owned by Kuttukaran group was established in the mid-1980s. And is considered as the first Maruti dealership in the state. The brand has been winning awards for outstanding performance and customer support.

Popular also offers cars from Maruti’s premium segment, Nexa. After acquiring the “Alpha Band” for Nexa dealerships in 2017-18, Popular is continuing its success journey forward. You can reach out to them to discuss the latest offers and deals. Popular operates a customer help centre for 24x7 support of customers in case of urgent needs or advice. Popular has become one of the top Maruti car dealerships in Trivandrum through relentless efforts to extend optimal support to customers. They can be relied on to give you excellent offers and deals on Maruti car models.


Contact: 93-876-22222

Hercules Automobiles

Hercules Automobiles is the subsidiary of Hercules group of companies, which have been operating in many GCC countries and South India. The group has been serving customers for more than three decades. Hercules Automobile has a proud service of 20+ years in selling Maruti cars.

Winning customers through dedicated acts and committed performance, Hercules is growing rapidly. Hercules has above 20 showrooms located across Kerala. Their unblemished sales record has been winning more customers for the agency. The handpicked professional team at Hercules could be approached for any query or doubt concerning Maruti car models. If you are thinking of buying a Maruti in Trivandrum, you may consider Hercules Automobiles for the same.


Contact: +91 9946035555

South Park Motor

South Park is another prominent Maruti car dealer in Trivandrum. They offer state-of-the-art facilities and unparalleled customer support. They follow a thoughtfully prepared process meticulously, to help the customer in the best possible way. South Park promises exceptional care from the handpicked professional staff at the firm.

The servicing methodology, support facilities and support procedure has been formulated keeping the client at the focal point. Therefore, you will always feel comfortable while dealing with the firm. You can drop by the dealership in Trivandrum to check out the latest offers and deals. The customer-friendly team will guide you regarding the latest Maruti car models, the exclusive deals and the best car that will suit your needs. Contact the dealership to know more.

Contact: 08046837162

The Tail End

It is always in the customer’s favour to have more than one Maruti car dealership in one place. The competition among the dealers will ensure better deals and customer support. Even then, you need to check the Maruti car dealerships for their record of accomplishment, committed acts and offers

One thing is sure that it is the best decision to own a Maruti car. They have the largest service and sales network in the country. Moreover, the service expenditure and maintenance costs of Maruti cars are more affordable than any other model is. Therefore, it will not hamper your budget. Further, the brand has a wide variety of hatchbacks, sedans, SUVs and MPVs for you to choose from.

Choose the best Maruti car dealership in Trivandrum if you are thinking to buy a Maruti car.



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