Cancel Tinder Membership

40303 Tinder Code is an indication that your account has been banned permanently. You can’t do anything in this case except sending a request email to Tinder Help support email id. The best thing would be for you is to just create a fresh account and continue your search to find the partner. For more info, you can dial our toll-free number.

Can you recover account on Tinder customer service especially in the event of getting 40303 Tinder Code? There is very less possibility of it. Nevertheless, you can make an attempt by sending a request on the email provided by Tinder itself. For more assistance, dial our online support number, where you have accommodated a highly experienced support team.


How to fix ‘Tinder Won’t Let Me Log In With Phone Number’?

Obviously, Tinder Won’t Let Me Log In With Phone Number if i have violated Privacy policy of your tinder, which directly says if we are found doing activities such as Nudity, copyright, infringement, hate, harassment, scamming, etc, our account will be banned permanently. For more details, contact at our toll-free number.

Tinder Customer Service Telephone Number is a need of hours as Tinder users often come across technical issues while using the Tinder. Log-in issues, password forgot and configuring the account are some issues frequently raised by the Tinder users. Therefore, we suggest every Tinder user to get in touch with us.




Interesting about Tinder

Tinder is undoubtedly the biggest dating app that has around 50 million active users. It was originated in the USA but now it is being used in more than 160 countries of the world. You will surprise to know that around 1.5 billion right swipes happen every day on Tinder. It directly indicates that is the most preferred dating platforms among every age group of people. Not only singles but people in a relationship are also active on Tinder. The existing users who are planning to quit Tinder after getting what they were looking for often seek for Tinder refund. By following some simple steps, you can easily cancel Tinder membership.

Step by step procedure to Cancel Tinder membership;

  • Open the Tinder app
  • Tap the profile icon at the top of the main screen
  • Select Manage Payment Account
  • Tap Cancel Subscription






In order to request for Tinder refund, the first step is to cancel the membership, then only we are able to request for the refund.


Tinder Deleted My account is a major issue being raised by Tinder users. This issue occurs when Tinder users violate the privacy policy which strictly says that if you found doing Nudity, copyright, infringement, hate, harassment, scamming, your account will be banned or deleted. In this case, you are requested to create a new account.


Instant Help by Tinder Customer Support Service

This is how you can easily end up cancelling the Tinder membership but for users who seek online assistance to cancel the membership can dial the toll-free provided by us. We are one of the most sought-after tech support service providers who are offering support to dozens of third-party products users. Here it is important to know for you that we are an independent tech support service, we have nothing to do with Tinder. We just provide online assistance to Tinder app users.

We are open to answer every query about Tinder as we are backed with a skillful support team having vast knowledge and experience in dealing consistently occurring issues in front of the users regarding the Tinder app.



How to get Tinder Refund?

If you are paid subscriber but the Tinder has banned your account, you have to first request Tinder to cancel your subscription, then again you have to send a request for Tinder Refund. To get more help in this case, we suggest you reach us out by dialling our toll-free number.



What is the use of Tinder Support Email Address?

Tinder Support Email address is being provided to Tinder users so that they can send request emails in the event their Tinder account is banned due to violating the Tinder Privacy policy. If this is not what you want to do, then create a new account on Tinder.



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