Overseas education consultant

Overseas education consultant

Getting a foreign education is an ambition many students carry in their heart in today’s modern world. Not only the students, their parents too are equally and effectively keen about sending their kids foreign to study, so that they get a universal exposure and may become independent enough to manage and handle their lives single dynamically. Another primary reason behind the identification of overseas education is the high and effective level of job competition in the global market so who shall student’s strategy when they need direction and proper assistance regarding foreign universities, institutions, and courses.

It is examined that overseas education consultants direct or guide the several students regarding the admission seasons of various universities, institutions, and colleges, respective fees structure, predicted expenses and so on. In some cases, Gateway abroad further assists and promotes the students in managing and arranging for educational loans from trustable banks. The overseas education consultants provide students excellent counseling and remarkable coaching classes for multiple courses such as TOEFL and IELTS which are the basic and general competitive exam which every student wanting to study in foreign has to specific. Besides this, at Gateway Abroad, the experts monitor and instruct the student about the expenditures included in studying and accommodation as well in the foreign country.

Being a parent, it is normal if you are worried about your child’s further education. You are required to take care of so many things and when it comes to overseas education, the number of questions even increases in your mind and start crawling. This is absolutely normal but now you do not have to worry about your child’s future anymore as ANU is here to help you in India.  

Our overseas education consultant will help and guide you to solve the issues related to these following matters:

  1. Course selection
  2. university application and selection
  3. Scholarship and settlement assistance 
  4. Visa application 

Our MARA registered agents and counselors will help and provide you supportive assistance on every issue related to overseas education whether it is knowing about different educational institutes overseas or the best ones among them. You can ask for our personal assistance for any matter in terms of destination, institution, course or level of study along with the living and fee charges. We will provide you valuable information you need in order to start your overseas education journey from study permits, temporary resident visa along with their costs etc. So place your order as soon as possible.

If you are studying or thinking to study in abroad, there is no need to tell you how much endless opportunities you will get in your industry after returning. It not only adds an additional skill into your capabilities but also provides you an international exposure. You will be given additional preference over your competitors. So, if you are thinking about applying for overseas education, you have landed to the right place.

We ANU are one of the tops and recognized overseas education consultants in India who are providing our phenomenal and most supportive course selection counseling and other services to all the students who are willing to pursue overseas education.  We have MARA registered agents who are properly trained and qualified to guide you the best in terms of visa applying, documentation and application submission. 

We will help you in choosing the most appropriate course and university for you and assist you with all the related parameters like cost, rules, duration and job prospectus, etc. You can also ask about accommodation, travel and other requirements along with scholarship and settlement assistance. Our qualified staff has the proper expertise to address all your queries and doubts in the most professional manner.

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