What is AMP ?

AMP with Google

What is AMP ?

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) Utilization and Efficiency

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages which is actually of Google run website technology. The fundamental of this technology is to provide a competitive platform against the other competitive articles. It was launched in 2015 by Google in order to improvise the mobile web functioning and overall performance. As an initiative with this project, around 20 + digital platforms show their collaboration including Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Wordpress. The AMP pages are published online and users can visualize it on the browsers.

The major spark in SEO is actually AMP or Google's accelerated mobile pages which have enormous efficiency within them. In order to stand ahead on the curve, you must essentially know much about it. 2018 entirely drove the attention and shifted its focus towards the AMP. It is actually an open source project which is entirely designed in order to provide the users mobile-friendly content.


  • It was reported in 2017 by Adobe that AMP created 7% of the web traffic for major publishers in United States.
  • In 2017 Twitter started the linking for the iOS and Android applications for AMP pages.
  • In the same year, Google reported that around 900 thousand web domain frequently publish the AMP pages.
  • Around 2 billion of the AMP pages published globally in the same year.

Working of AMP:-

In any of the webpage if it has the AMP counterpart then a link to this page is actually placed in any of the HTML tags in the source code of the same web page. The reason behind it is that AMP pages in most of the cases are discovered by the web crawlers or third-party search engines.

The essential framework which is required for the working of AMP is:


The more specified set of HTML5 along with the requirements and all of the restrictions is AMP HTML. It has some of the custom tags and fundamental properties which are essentially followed by the HTML5. If the user is familiar with regular HTML, then they might not face any problem with the revision.


IIt is a JavaScript framework which is entirely designed to ease over mobile pages. It efficiently manages the entire resource handling along with the asynchronous loading. The most significant feature is that any of the third-party's JavaScript is not permitted with the accelerated mobile pages.


It is actually an optional content network which will enable the AMP pages. It instantly manages the performance optimization along with the regulation of cache.

The fundamentals of Google's AMP:-

The very basic foundation associated with AMP is to deliver rich content to smart mobile users. It is designed to provide entire information to even the end user in very less time. The officials related with the project have conference many times that - “Google does not want the user to wait for long when they want to read, see or analyze any sort of data”.

It provides the freedom to the publishers in order to create the required sort of data which could be loaded instantly on almost all types of devices. In a very previous blog post, it was written by Google that - “we want the web pages with the very high quality of content in videos, animations and graphics to work along with the smartest and to load instantaneously. We want the same code to be accessed by numerous platforms and number of devices so that it can appear almost the same as it appeared previously. The type of device or application might not affect its functionality”.

AMP is going to turn the entire game ahead

You would be amazed to know that the median load time for any of the AMP coded content is approximately 0.7 seconds. On the very another hand, the same median load time for any of the AMP non-coded content is basically 22 seconds. When the website takes more than enough time to load then there are certain possibilities that user will never turn back to it. There are a number of prominent ad networks which are currently using the AMP ads functioning. These are:

  • Amazon a9
  • Taboola
  • Plista
  • Smart ad server
  • DotAndAds
  • Google AdSense

Hence in the due run, AMP is fulfilling all the requirements and is undoubtedly recommendable. There is a lot much per cent of organic searches in a searching engine, AMP will boost to the website Traffic in 2019. Google has also officially integrated the AMP web pages into the mobile searching technologies. It has a lot to offer when it comes to the –

  • High-quality performance
  • Most of the flexible results
  • Engagement with the beneficial content
  • Accelerates the website for mobile visitors
  • Enhanced visibility for content marketers in browsing
  • It has enormously increased the rankings for mobile search engines


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