Best Free CRM for Small Business

Best Free CRM for Small Business

We have provided an extensive list of some best free CRM tools which can prove to be an efficient intangible asset for your growing business needs.

Growing business needs have raised the demand for efficient and smart Customer Relationship Management CRM tools on a larger scale. Especially the small businesses and the startups which work in a limited budget, they feel a great need for a free and best CRM to manage with their customers contacts and keep them in loop to generate further leads. Moreover, integrating these CRMs with other apps helps them to get the most out of their investments. We have provided an extensive list of some best free CRM tools which can prove to be an efficient intangible asset for your growing business needs.

Zoho CRM

An apt tool to meet the growing technological needs of your business with its efficient and heavily loaded features. Covering all the major aspects of management tasks like contacts, accounts, deals, campaigns, and several other modules. You can easily monitor and manage all the records with its “settings” option where you can even delete the unnecessary information. Offering effective measures to deal with your marketing campaigns via multiple assortment of e-mails and social media based functions.

HubSpot CRM

This tool is best suitable for those businesses which are using multiple apps and want to integrate a CRM software with them. Providing more than 600 integrations available in its various level plans, HubSpot also allows you to choose over 150 apps in various categories like e-commerce, analytics, events, finance, project management and customer reports. This forever free CRM tool also provides you with tracking deals, landing pages, live chats, e-mail marketing and tracking service requests. If you have installed its tracking code, you can easily view all your sales, ticketing and websites activities with a timeline of pages.


The best CRM known well for providing contact management solutions both for teams and individuals. You can track all your important tasks by integrating it with productivity apps. Get your workflow completely streamlined and generate more sales by making healthy relations with your prospective customers with its classic contact management and sales intelligence. It leaves no space for anything left untouched when it comes to automating your complete marketing process and providing streamlined client experience adds to your business value and helps you to maintain goodwill among your customers and clients.


For growing businesses, Workbook offers a good software as a service SaaS platform to manage with their customer relationships and deal effectively with all their marketing related tasks and tracking clients’ reports and other important data. Its core CRM services are designed specifically to cater all aspects of sales, marketing and customer services. The best part of this tool is that it allows its users to get a strong grip over event management, order management and managing invoices to maintain healthy relations with your clients. Using this best CRM for small business, you can effectively track your business roadmap and handling complex accounts at a great ease. A technology which ensures value to its user’s operations and experience.

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