Thinking About DevOps Testing? Read Complete DevOps Testing Today

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Thinking About DevOps Testing? Read Complete DevOps Testing Today

Have you heard of the term DevOps? Do you know that most of the well-established companies are now shifting their focus to this new software development methodology? Yes, the interest around DevOps testing is rapidly changing, and it is for the betterment of the business world.

The proper execution of DevOps is impacting QA in its best form, and likewise, all the QA functions are now embracing this change in the most positive manner possible. If you are new to this concept and are looking for all the detailed information about it, then you have landed at the right place.

We are here to share all the relevant information about this trending topic of DevOps and how it impacts the business world with its awesomeness. So, let us begin.

What is DevOps?

DevOps is the combination of ‘development' and ‘operations'. It can be termed as a software development methodology that seamlessly integrates all the functions of software development ranging from development to operations in the same thread of cycle. DevOps can also be seen as the extension of agile methodology which benefits the businesses.

This type of integration requires coordination at a higher level between the major stakeholders within the process of software development for delivering some of the best cloud computing solutions.

Now, with this knowledge about DevOps, let us move towards the cycle followed for the proper execution and implementation of DevOps.

Process cycle followed by DevOps:

In general, the DevOps cycle followed by cloud computing service providers consists of the following four steps for its proper implementation in the business working model:

  • The development of code
  • Building and deploying the required binaries in the environment of QA
  • Thoroughly executing the required case studies
  • Following the production in the smooth flow and integrated manner

This approach used for DevOps mainly focuses on automating the building, deploying, and testing processes. Thanks to the use of continuous integration tools, the automation testing tools have become a necessary and dependable thing in the complete DevOps cycle.

Why should you choose DevOps?

In most of the cases, agile testing, and DevOps testing are considered to be the same, but there are subtle differences between the two. However, the people who are working with agile methodologies will find it quite easy and convenient to adopt DevOps methodologies as the two are quite similar in the iterations of development and QAs.  It is during the operations side, where the story changes.

DevOps mainly focuses on rectifying the gap and spaces that agile methodologies cannot tackle. For this particular reason, DevOps focuses all its attention on ‘continuous development' rather than focusing on continuous integration. Continuous development plays a major role as it helps to write and commit the codes in the version control environment; which is beneficial for the business.

It further ensures that the codes are installed, deployed, and tested  in the production environment as well so that they can be easily be consumed and used by the end-users. The major need for DevOps is to offer the convenience needed to both the business and its end-users in the best possible manner.

To make DevOps even more popular to be used, it ensures that every possible action in the chain is automated for the ease and comfort of its use. It also gives the needed pleasure to the stakeholders to design and code in a relaxed and high-performing environment rather than worrying about its completion.

Last but not least, DevOps cloud computing solutions also cuts down the time required for the completion of the entire cycle of development. It just requires 3-4 hours to complete the cycle, starting from the time when codes are written to the time they are consumed or used by the end-users.

What role does QA play in DevOps testing?

1.      QA ensures that all the test cases are automatically proceeded and gets a total 100% of coverage of the codes

2.      QA makes sure that the working environment is standardized for the successful completion of the chain without any hassles

3.      QA requires investing its efforts for being sure that all the deployment process on the QA boxes is completely automatic

4.      QA needs to align all its tasks with continuous integration cycle as quickly as possible


DevOps is the future and it has all the aspects which can make it a big hit for the future business needs and requirements. You just need to embrace, understand, and implement the same in your business model in the best possible manner.

The only thing to take care of by the cloud computing service providers is to understand the entire process and its importance for business success so that all the implied changes can reflect quickly through the business. To sum up the entire DevOps testing, it can be said that automation and automation is the ultimate core of this process. However, for the maximum success of the business model, you should also consider all the other aspects of the working.

If you need any other information about DevOps and its working or implementation, then visit We will provide you with the best help possible from our side.

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