How to pay Airtel postpaid mobile bill online

How to pay Airtel postpaid mobile bill online

Online and offline, through both the services technology has amused us. Just look around you. You will only see the unprecedented technological inventions. If you are at home, you can see your washing machine, refrigerator, mixture-grinder, air conditioner, your smartphone, computer, laptops etc. If you are at road, you can see cars, motor cycles, traffic lights, big display screens, ATMs, kiosks etc. We are simply surrounded by the technological wonders which have made our lives easier and faster than before.

But, while making our lives easier, the fast growing modern life also has rendered a hectic routine to us. It is like someone switches on a specific button immediately after we wake up in the morning which does not let us stop. We need to keep running. In this restless schedule, we often forget to do some of the other much important tasks. We can take example of the utility bill payments. Every day we are utilizing the major services like electricity, gas, water, mobile, DTH etc. Do these services come for free? Obviously not. We have to pay money to keep these services available. But, we do not appreciate it if we need to go through the tremendously time consuming offline processes as we do not have time to waste. Therefore, we need a permanent solution for it. Isn’t it?

To our utmost pleasure, online bill payment apps have been designed which act as a boon for us. These apps take away all the pain of visiting the official premises physically and get the bill payments done in a jiffy. Isn’t it the best solution for our problem? But, again another question arises here. With so many online bill payment apps flooding the internet, which one we should trust? Don’t worry at all. Just pick up your smartphone and download XPay.Life app from Google Play Store or App Store.

XPay.Life is India’s first blockchain secure payment gateway. It offers a full spectrum of utility bill payment through Touch Screen Kiosk, Web portal, Mobile App for iOS and Android, PoS Device and Mobile ATP Van. It also accepts cash as well as popular digital payment methods such as UPI, Credit and Debit card, Visa, Rupay and MasterCard through its Touch Screen Bill Payment Kiosk. Moreover, it provides AI based reminders for all utility bills payment so that the users can be intimated regarding the approaching due date. It also ensures security by encrypting data which incorporate card details as well as bank details provided by the user while making the transaction.

XPay.Life provides the easiest way to clear postpaid mobile bill payment without visiting the operator physically. It offers service for all the major mobile operators across the country. If you are a customer of Airtel network, then you can effortlessly clear the Airtel postpaid bill payment in a jiffy through XPay.Life right from the comfort of your home. You just need to complete a few easy steps. First select your operator i.e. Airtel postpaid. Then, choose your payment mode and at the end, click ‘pay now’. The bill payment is simply done. A bill payment confirmation message will be sent to your registered email ID and phone number.

Along with mobile phone with a good internet connection and other facilities, another device which propagates entertainment for us is the television. But, that also will not be able to make you happy without feeding the money. Therefore, XPay.Life app provides you the fastest way to make DTH recharge thereby giving you the service of the best DTH Recharge app for Android and IOS. Use this app and chill with your loved ones while watching various entertainment shows on Television.

XIPHIAS Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is dedicated to provide integrated service of bill payment kiosk in India as well as outside the same by deploying the tools of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in order to provide enhanced speed, convenience, certainty and accountability in providing One Stop Shop facility. Certainly, it provides freedom from long queues, ensures high security for collecting cash, fast billing services, facilitates multiple modes of payments.

Now, your electricity bill payment is a few clicks away. XPay.Life provides you the best electricity bill payment provision ever. You do not even need to move a bit from your place. Just enter the operator and payment method and click on ‘pay now’. The bill payment is done.

With the internet becoming the most important need after food, shelter and clothes, broadband as the best internet service provider is booming rapidly. But, of course, money gives an appearance here as well. Therefore, XPay.Life renders the simplest online broadband bill pay facility to clear the bill within a few seconds giving freedom from the monotonous offline bill payment processes.

Though mobile phones are the most preferred telecom service now-a-days, the landlines have not expired completely till now. They are still in demand at offices, homes and stores. XPay.Life, therefore, introduces the most trustworthy service that allows you to do online landline bill pay in a jiffy without making you face the offline troubles.

So, why to waste time in thinking? Immediately download XPay.Life and make your life simpler by facilitating yourself with the most reliable service ever.

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