How do I Wipe My Cisco Router?

How do I Wipe My Cisco Router?


Have you ever wiped data from your Cisco router? If you have not, keep reading to know the procedure. There are two acceptable options when you think of clearing your Cisco router. While most network administrators are comfortable with both methods, they generally use them for different tasks.

In the first method, you need to set the configuration register to 0x2142. Usually, all the admins use this method to recover a password, but you can recover a password as well as wipe the configuration at the same time. Cleaning the configuration of your system gadgets is the most ideal approach to shield a dark cap from increasing simple access to your system foundation. How about we take a gander at how you can do this for both Cisco switches and switches. When it comes to clearing your Cisco router, you have two acceptable choices. While most network administrators are familiar with both methods, they typically use them for different tasks.

If you are looking to wipe the data from your cisco router, follow these steps:

·   You need to log on to the router and input the privileged EXEC mode by inputting enable and then entering the enable password command.

·   Go to Global Configuration Mode by entering the configuring terminal.

·   Enter config-register 0x2142. (This causes the router to ignore the startup configuration on the next reload.)

·   You need to type the end and refill the router by entering the reload at the Router# prompt.

·   Then the system will ask your permission if you want to save the configuration. Then you have to type no and make a confirmation of the reload at the next prompt.

·   After the router has been reloaded, you will be asked permission from the system whether you want to enter the initial configuration dialog. Enter no.

·   Next, you need to make a change in the configuration register setting and make it 0x2102 by entering enable and configure terminal for going back to Global Configuration Mode and then entering config-register 0x2102.

· To overwrite the existing startup configuration with the current blank running configuration, enter end and then enter write memory.

·   Lastly enter reload to reload the router and the wiping process will be completed.

But if you already know the password to the router, you can use the second method.

To use the second method, you have to follow the below-given steps.

·   You need to log on to your router, and input the privileged EXEC mode by typing enable and then providing the enable password command.

·   You need to input the configure terminal if you want to access the Global Configuration Mode.

·   You need to type the config-register 0x2102.

·   Click end, and then give the write erase command to erase the current startup configuration on the router.

·   Click reload to reload the router. When the system asks your permission to save the configuration, enter no.

·   When the router finishes reloading, it will reset back to the original factory defaults.

If you are unable to erase data from your cisco router after following any of the above methods or both, you need to avail assistance from Cisco customer service. The customer experts of Cisco will get into the matter and provide probable solutions.

So, PCs aren't the main hardware you need to stress over cleaning before giving—you ought to apply this best practice to any system gadget you're disposing of. Try not to give data about your systems: Clean any network devices before disposing of them similarly as you would a hard drive on a PC.

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