Top 5 Facts That Help You Choose Best Boarding School In Delhi

Top 5 Facts That Help You Choose Best Boarding School In Delhi

Top 5 Facts That Help You Choose Best Boarding School In Delhi

Boarding schools are pretty different than what you imagine in Hollywood Movies. Some of the incidents or accidents may force you to think twice before admitting your child to a boarding school. But all of us should understand that accidents can happen in day schools too. They are just accidents, not regular incidents.

We can count on so many reasons to send our children to boarding school. A mix of all the activities such as academics, the athletics, and so many other beneficial events and programmes makes boarding schools a perfect place to make your child a genius and gentleman.

We have seen so many famous personalities including prime ministers, actors, athletes, and army personnel studied from boarding schools. Endless people have started their life journies from these schools. If you are in the situation, you can send your little munchkins unhesitatingly to the boarding schools.

Here are the top 5 facts to help us choose the best boarding schools in and around Delhi:

Availability of Experienced Teachers

Highly experienced and educated teachers come to teach students of all streams. They feel more responsible in comparison to the teachers available at day boarding schools. The reason is that they play the role of both teachers and parents.

Top-notch Sports & Games Facilities

Your child can choose his/her favourite sport at any of the best boarding schools in DelhiAs your child cannot go anywhere, the professional coaches at boarding schools take personal interest to take your child to the highest level of a sport.

Best of Libraries & Laboratories

The book of choice or the experiment they keen, everything is available at boarding schools. All these facilities are more than up to the mark because every single boarding school in Delhi wants number one in the competition.

Learning things on their own

Things like waking up early, getting ready, and discipline can be learnt by children on their own. They start finding solutions for so many tough situations by themselves only. It’s like they push them far from the “Mama’s boy zone”.

Learn the sense of combine efforts

The 2011 survey by the association of boarding schools in Delhi says, ”31 per cent surveyed students said that they love the community atmosphere created within the campus”. Apart from academics, children also learn to handle problems with group efforts. They become a family where members come from so many ethnicities, religions, and regions.

CSKM Public School, Ansal Villas, Satbari, Chattarpur, Delhi

The school has a belief that every single child can be developed with proper guidance. Founded by Lt. Col. P.S. Satsangi, the school runs on the eternal value of love, faith, compassion, and discipline. Settled in one of the greenest areas of Delhi NCR, CSKM is enriched with all modern facilities ranging from spacious study rooms and big libraries to all extracurricular activities such as music and sports.


School Type: Day Cum Boarding, Co-Ed

Classes Upto: 12th Standard

Board: CBSE

Established in: 1986


Academic Facilities

Parents should check-on the past records of the school they are choosing for their kids. The academic results talk about the quality of classes given by teachers of that school. Teachers of a school should be a teacher in true sense. It means a teacher should also talk about moral values apart from the subjective classes.

Extracurricular Activities

Anything sensible like sports, drama, theatre, and science workshop but not related to the subjective studies can be practiced at schools. You must choose a day boarding school of this type where your children’s passion or talent can be discovered and carry forwarded.

Look at the Area Acquired

A school with a larger area offers more programs and extracurricular activities in comparison to the low-sized schools. They offer bigger and large number of playgrounds too.

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