Difference between a Full HD LED TV and an Ultra HD LED TV

Difference between a Full HD LED TV and an Ultra HD LED TV

Difference between a Full HD LED TV and an Ultra HD LED TV

The world of TVs has been developed so much in the past 10 years. First LCDs, then LED, and now OLEDs have come to offer ultra-crisp picture quality. Not only the technology of panels but the resolution also has so much improved that we can watch videos in Ultra HD resolution. Currently, two LED picture screens; Full HD LED TVs and Ultra HD LED TVs are ruling the TV market. But there is a huge difference between these two, technically and even visually, Let’s find all the major differences between Full HD and UHD TV.

Full HD LED TV and an Ultra HD LED TV
Full HD LED TV and an Ultra HD LED TV

What is Ultra HD or 4K?

4K means better picture quality with more pixels (8,294,400 in exact) in one frame, which means crisper images and enhanced details, very much similar to the picture quality you have experienced on theatre screens.

Resolution Difference

Full HD LED: 1920 pixels vertically & 1080 pixels Horizontally

Ultra HD LED: 3840 pixels vertically & 2160 pixels Horizontally

Yes, you get almost double pixels in Ultra HD as compared to the old Full HD Panel.  The resolution offered on Ultra HD is slightly lower than the 4,096 x 2,160 resolution seen in cinemas. That means you are about to watch theatre-like pictures with these TVs at your home.


Talking about panels; LED, OLED, QLED, curve, and 3D means we will be moving in a different direction. Sticking to the topic, they are just the panel technologies and nothing to do with the resolution of a TV.

Full HD LED TVs in India
Full HD LED TVs in India

Close to reality picture quality with Ultra-HD Resolution

You can expect crisp & clear picture quality with the resolution of 4K provided in Ultra HD Screens. The picture appears on Ultra HD seems more realistic and closer to reality. 4K is a pure technology gift to the modern world that surely enhances the TV watching experience.

What is the difference between Ultra HD and 4K?

Technically, there is no difference between these two as UHD is the derived form of 4K resolution. However, the exact 4K resolution generates the resolution of 4096 x 2160, used in theatres to play movies for you. Smart TV brands like Sony, Samsung, LG, Murphy, and TCL uses 4K resolution along with the UHD to attract customers.

Easy Connectivity with Smartphones

The best thing about Smart TV is that it can easily connect to Smartphones. Now you can keep your TV’s remote control aside and start operating it with any of the android or iOS devices. With a simple app configured on your Smartphone can fetch all the TV control in your Smartphone. Now, the question arises that a TV remote can do the same. The big thing is that you can play all your contents sitting in your phone’s storage.

Easy to afford

Smart LED TVs has become affordable as so many brands are competing in the offline and online market. Brands like Mi and Micromax has come up with a wide range of affordable Smart TV options. Even the big brands like Sony and Samsung have to cut down on their Smart LED TV prices. From the standard size of 32 inch to huge 55 inch Smart TVs, so many options are available in the TV market.

More than watching Movies & TV shows

Using Smart TVs means you are not limited to watching TV shows, Videos, and movies but browsing the internet, easy access to your other Smart devices, and playing video games too. Now you don’t need to turn up to your computer for browsing simple Internet contents as Smart TVs are enabLED with in-built web-browsers.

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