Top 7 Push-Ups for A Bigger Chest Muscle

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Top 7 Push-Ups for A Bigger Chest Muscle


Push-ups are great for the upper body and a strong core. However, if you lack the right posture then you won’t see any results and your muscles would likely be sore. Most people don’t pay close attention to abdominal muscles while doing push-ups. For perfect push-upsyou should build up muscle connection. You can include chest push up in your workout routine and you will see amazing results after a few months. If you’re a beginner then it might be difficult for you at first, however, you can try the basic ones then move onto the intermediate level and finally the advanced level. In this article, we will look at 7 Push-ups for a bigger and defined chest muscle. 


Push-Ups to Get Bigger Chest Muscles



1) The Classic Push-ups 

If you’re a beginner then classic push-ups would be perfect for you. Classic push-ups are great for building a bigger chest muscle. Don’t rush and try to do four-five sets at once. Try to concentrate on your form and overtime when you would master it then you can proceed with your sets. Focus on your abdominal muscles, your core should be tight, your hands should be underneath your shoulders, and raise your hips. 

2) Wide Arm Push-ups 

Wide arms push-ups are great for the chest. It lessens the involvement of the triceps, shoulders, and moves focus to the chest. We advise you to focus on the form as opposed to the number of times you’re performing it. Lower your torso to the ground slowly if you want to avoid the risk of injury. Don’t place your hands far apart. Your neck and head should stay tight while you’re doing wide arm push-ups. Wide arm push-ups for the upper chest be can be performed on a regular basis for excellent results. 

3) Triangle (Diamond) Push-ups 

Triangle or diamond push-ups are perfect for strengthening your upper and core. Your hands should be together angled inward at 45 degrees. Make sure that your fingers and thumbs touch each other to form a triangle. The triangle should be below your chest the entire time you’re doing the push-ups. 

4) Archer Push-ups 

First, place your arms wider than the width of your shoulders. Bend your one arm towards the ground during this exercise. The other arm must have a slight bend in the elbow. 

5) Clap Push-ups 

Clap push-ups can be quite challenging for a beginner. Over time, you can try this. To avoid injury make sure that you land with soft elbows after each clap. However, this move requires a lot of core control and ensures that you’re focused on muscle connection. 

6) Feet on The Walls Push-ups 

Just find a comfortable wall and try this push-up. Place your feet on the wall, slowly move your body back while you’re facing the ground. Once you’re able to maintain a straight position, tighten your core, and then slowly lower your body towards the ground. Feet on the walls push-ups for the chest can be performed for several months for better results. 

7) Cross Body Push-ups 

For cross-body push-ups, you need to focus on the shoulders, core, and hip flexors. As you lower your body, you need to pick up one leg and cross it beneath your body. Now you need to rotate your hips towards the ground. Get back to the previous position and repeat the same thing with your other leg. Do it at least 10 ×2 reps. 


The Bottom Line

Chest Workouts are considered to be difficult. If you’re new to fitness then push-ups can prove to be quite challenging for you. So, start with the classic ones then move onto the difficult ones. Remember that it’s not important how many times you’re doing it but how perfectly you’re doing each set. That really counts. 

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