The Illusionist in India Brings Forth Some Unknown Facts about Magic

The Illusionist in India Brings Forth Some Unknown Facts about Magic

People, regardless of their age, fall in love with magic. Kids enjoy watching magic shows performed at the birthday parties of their friends. Parents take their children to see magic shows taking place at auditoriums or in festivals. Even a pair of young lovers can think about attending magic shows. There is a certain captivating power in magic which entertains one and all. Besides, there is something exceptionally entertaining to see someone performing something dangerous and impossible. Magic shows can make people forget their day-to-day problems. A Mentalist in India can take you to a world of fictional wonder. You see with disbelief in your eyes as the assistant of the illusionist appears safe even after being impaled.

  1. A Mentalist Says That It’s From Greece: Magic and illusions are astounding to look at, but only a few want to know more about it. Of course, an illusionist won’t share the secret of tricks with you. However, you will find out some lesser-known facts about magic in this topic. The word “magic” arrived from Greece. The very first performers of magic were priests from Persia called ‘magosh.’


  1. A Mentalist Explains That Magic Was Respectable In The Past: Before the eighteenth century, magic was nothing more than a form of entertainment at carnivals. Only itinerant performers used to entertain the common folk with tricks like sword swallowing and juggling. During the early eighteenth century, magic became a practice respected by all. Wealthy private patrons used to perform them back then.


  1. A Mentalist Clarifies The Difference: Don’t think that the skills of an illusionist portrayed at an Event Entertainment bear any resemblance with the occult. However, there was a time when people used to consider magicians as the devil incarnate. It should be clear to you than the tricks of a magician are all based on illusions. Some illusionists of the past utilized this idea and showcased it in their ads. This practice is now better known as charlatanism.


  1. The Clothes Of A Mentalist Isn’t Random: Alexander Hermann, also recognized as Hermann the Great was a magician from France. This performer introduced the identifiable dress code of magicians. After this person achieved fame, every magician from any part of the world used to wear a top hat, a tailcoat, with a goatee.


  1. A Mentalist In India Confirms The Existence Of Online Magic: Everything that appears on online media ultimately ends up in the world of the web. There are several online magic tricks which function on a computer screen only. These tricks don’t require the presence of a magician. Most online magic tricks are the good-old-fashioned card deceits.


  1. A Mentalist Elucidates The Reality Behind Organizations: Yes, organizations concerning magic do exist till date. The most recognized one is the International Brotherhood of Magicians, which also used to publish a monthly journal. The oldest group of magicians is the Society of American Magicians. The legendary Harry Houdini was its president for many years. Whereas, India has its best Magic society working to uplift ancient India art, which is Indian Brotherhood of Magicians. Also IBM – India also publish bi monthly journal for its members.

One Last Fact by the Mentalist

Magicians didn’t reveal their tricks to the audience for a long time. Naturally, it was a bit too challenging for beginners to enter this profession. After all, no relevant information was available for a long time. It was in 1584 when the first book on magic tricks came out. Only a few more paperbacks on this topic appeared since then. Today, would-be magicians have to rely on these books and the web to learn. In spite of all this information coming out, viewers didn’t lose their interest, as the illusionists feared.

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