Home Decor Tips - Home Decor design rules you should totally break

Home Decor Rules

Home Decor Tips - Home Decor design rules you should totally break

Home Decor Tips - Home Decor design rules you should totally break

In Home Decor Tips , Always try to break these rules to have a beautiful and attractive house.Everyone in this world always wanted beautiful, attractive and luxurious rooms. To achieve these types of rooms you should always have ideas to choose the best furniture or the best colours. It’s always been recommended that you should use bright colours in the rooms. This is because bright colours and the multicolour always affects the eyes and it will also look attractive. In the Home Decor Tips , home designs, there are some of the rules that are always recommended to follow. But you should always try to break these rules to have a beautiful and attractive house.

While you are building your house in Home Decor Tips, then there are 10 design rules you should totally break to make your room beautiful.They are:

  • Never put large furniture in the small spaces

It is always recommended that if you have a small room, then you should always place small furniture. This is one of the first rules you should totally break. If you have small rooms and you are putting small furniture in it, then the room will really look uncomfortable and unwelcoming. You should always try to balance the furniture in the room by mixing small and large furniture with each other. The large furniture in the room will help to anchor the room and the small furniture will always make the most in the small and limited places in Home Decor Tips.    

  • Small space always demand a quiet colour

This is the second rule which you should totally break. You should always try to use colours you love the most in the small spaces. If you have a boring office room then always try to add colours to it. It will really look interesting and attractive. If you love bright colours, then paint your boring rooms with those colours only to make it look good and attractive in Home Decor Tips..

  • Tiles are only for Kitchen and Bathroom

As it is always told from the starting of the home design rules that tiles only add beauty in the kitchen and bathroom area in . But in Home Decor Tips,tiles are one of the stunning features that add beauty to the other rooms of your home also. The tiles will always add an attractive and interesting feature in your boring room also.

  • The chair should be matched with the dining room

This is another rule and you should totally break it. You can use the mismatched furniture in the room. It will add a college look in the house. In Home Decor Tips,Apart from the mismatched furniture, you can also add old furniture in the room or you can just mix the mismatched furniture with the old furniture.

  • Rich paint colours add a good look in the small space

This is another rule of the home decor design you should break. It’s not mandatory that you should add rich and high colours in your small space room. You can add light colours which are your favourite. The light colours also add beauty to the house.

  • Never add colours on your ceiling

Gone are those days when it is always told that you should never add colours to the ceiling. But nowadays you can add colours to your room. You can add beautiful and soft colours to your ceiling to make your room look beautiful and classic. There are many people who add designs on the ceiling which really looks good.

  • Always match colour tones

It’s always told that you should always match your colour tones with your furniture or the other accessories you are buying. In some of the cases, this rules is really good. But it’s impossible to match your colour tones with your furniture or accessories you are buying. So you should break this design rule while buying furniture.

  • Never use faux plants

This is another home decor rule design that you should totally break. Using of the faux plants will always add beauty and class in your room in Home Decoration .


  • The kitchen should be neat and tidy

As you all know that a neat and tidy kitchen always look good. But this rule is not mandatory and should not be followed. Restaurant style open shelving will also add beauty to your kitchen Home Decor Tips.

  • The bedroom should be symmetrical and quiet

It’s not mandatory that your bedroom should be symmetrical and quiet. You should feel free to add an asymmetrical room. Always use the chair or stools in the room to make the bedroom look beautiful.

Hope you love these Home Decor Tips that everyone should break the rules for home decoration

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