10 Reasons Travellers Are Choosing A Service Apartment

10 Reasons Travellers Are Choosing A Service Apartment

1. Love a bespoke, personalized stay

A distinctive feature of Serviced flats is the instinctive service provided by experienced professionals who are enthusiastic about helping you feel at home. Individual tastes take priority here: Locate the cushions too soft for your liking? Let them understand you'd love to select another one from our extensive menu of pillows varying in firmness and health properties.

Or want help in preparing a special meal for your loved one? Our employees are more than willing to go the extra mile and their attempts might just surprise you!

2. Wellness at Your doorstep

Not confident about that hot tub Or gym down the road? Or maybe you simply have a little window between meetings? You don't have to wander far to have a break: Most of our serviced homes have a gym, a swimming pool, and sauna and spa facilities so you can effortlessly blend work and play.

Guests staying at any given Pajasa Suites property have access to this touch Retreat, a tranquil space with ambient music and soothing scents where you can kick back and recharge one of those massage chairs.

If any travelers want to stay in service apartments and anyone looking for Service Apartments in Kolkata, so visit on our site.

3. Stay Connected whenever you need

You should not have to worry about expensive data fees or unstable online connection when you're overseas. That's why the free Wi-Fi in our ventilated homes will be convenient.

In need of a workspace urgently? Stylish desktops are available to be used at most lobbies. Or if you'd like quieter surroundings, create the sofa or business center your new hideout. Meeting rooms are also available for reservations should you need.

4. Inspired by Local artwork

Ever woke up in another city and can't remember where you are? From emerging performers to renowned global ability, our serviced residences feature artworks befitting of their destination. Local culture is also reflected throughout the property whether it is from the furniture or fittings.

5. Fuss-free Dining

If you do not Feel like whipping up a meal, a number of our properties have multiple dining concepts that serve up anything from local favorites to global specialties -- many even come with sweeping views of the city to boot!

6. Live local

If you are looking to research Town like a local, a serviced residence will give you easy access to local employees who are well versed with exceptional, off-the-beaten-track recommendations.

Not eager to plan a day out yourself? Let our team show you the top local tours and adventures to attempt. Or want another way to experience the city? Try different modes of transportation like tuk-tuk or rent a bike from the concierge.

7. Never come home into a mess

With our dedicated team of Housekeepers and engineers, so you are able to step out with the peace of mind you'll return to a clean and well-functioning space.

Light bulb that needs changing or the air-conditioner that has to be repaired, our preventive Pajasa Care program makes sure that proactive maintenance checks are performed so that everything in your home is in tiptop shape.

8. Maintain the children entertained

Happy kids, happy parents! At A serviced residence, your little ones will be well taken care of. Our child-friendly facilities like the kids' pool, outdoor playground and indoor playroom complete with books, toys, and even simulators provide hours of fun for your family.

Kids Club requires learning and play beyond the residence with cultural tours and charity drives.

9. Experience community

Being far away from home may just take a while to become accustomed to, but linking a new community may make the journey easier. With routine programs and excursions organized for residents, long stay serviced apartments make it simple for visitors to mingle and become part of a support community.

10. Earn as you Remain

Do not let your loyalty go unrecognized you can be Rewarded for choosing a serviced flat! Members under the Pajasa World Loyalty program have the option of improving their travel experience by redeeming points for lifestyle rewards or even free stays at other Pajasa Properties for your next trip.

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