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Top 5 Private Equity Firms in New England

Private equity is an attractive financial career. Learn more about Private equity firms situated in New England and their principles of investment here.

Private equity is the high finance industry investing in privately held firms. They improve the operations of the company during the hold period, improve businesses, and sell them for a profit. Mention not to say, New England is one of the financial hubs and hotspots for the private equity industry.

Let’s understand what PE investment is all about.

Understanding private equity (PE) investment

As we all know, private equity firms provide investment capital and management services for their portfolio companies. They raise capital from wealthy individuals, institutional investors, and fund equity investments through direct purchase of an equity stake, leveraged buyouts, or publicly traded companies. Further, they direct the management of the acquired company to increase its value and later on sell it for a profit. The venture generally lasts between five to ten years.

What is the role of a private equity profession here? Take a look.

Roles and Responsibilities of private equity professionals

The main responsibilities of the private equity professionals in a private equity firm are to source deals, conduct due diligence, forecast financial projections, draft presentations, follow-up, calculate return rates, draft presentations, review and comment on legal documents, coordinate funds flow, and deal closure. Moreover, PE professionals are involved in strategizing operations and financial report making. Another most important function is to prepare the company for sale to achieve its financial goals.

Biggest PE firms of New England

PE firms are spread all over the world with a great history of success in their life span. Let’s get into some of the important details of the biggest private equity firms situated in New England here.

Grove Street

Founded in 1998, Grove Street is entrusted with USD 9 billion of commitments across the globe. The main philosophy of the firm is to gain a disciplined approach in diversification, balance risk across the sectors, time limit, geographical limitation, and strategies.

The secret behind long-term performance orientation lies in personal investment by the partners. Grove Street defines success by the actual end-returns and is sensitive to interim IRRs. If you are looking for one of the top PE firms which are transparent, reliable, and committed to their clients, then this firm should be your choice of interest.  

New Heritage Capital

The unique selling point of New Heritage Capital is that they invest in founder and entrepreneurial owned businesses. They tend to partner with founders who aspire to grow their businesses, offer innovative minority recapitalization and growth equity structures. They strive to facilitate their clients with liquidity needs while retaining control and equity ownership.

New Heritage Capital offers flexibility, creates strategic value, and an innovative deal structure like the private IPO.

Ironwood Capital

Ironwood Capital in Avon was established as a subsidiary of Aetna Life and Casualty by the name Aetna Financial Services. The company was purchased by Aetna workers and came to be known as Ironwood Capital. The PE firm provides non-control growth capital to middle-market companies and has invested more than USD 850 million for more than 90 companies.

Currently, the PE firm supports business owners and financial sponsors regarding recapitalizations, transitions, buyouts, and growth financing. They intend to simplify the process that is often filled with complexity and contention.

Carlisle Capital

Founded in 1984, Carlisle Capital Corporation is a PE firm that has a successful track record to acquire, manage, and own assets. The firm has completed billions of dollars of successful transactions in different industries with an excellent record of returns. It has spread its wings across 15 countries. As an investor and operator, it has worked successfully in several industrial verticals that include manufacturing, real estate, media, technology, private equity, and hospitality.

Fresh Tracks Capital

Founded in 2000, this PE firm provides investments and funding to start-up businesses that are driven by technology. The firm makes efforts to gain long term businesses with the companies they helped.

The firm’s investment criteria are based on the quality of the team, market opportunity, innovativeness of the product or service, and strength of the business model. They focus to invest in the capital markets of Vermont, New York, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire.

If you are interested to seek opportunities in these firms, check out their contact pages and give them a call. Get prepared to win a position.

To conclude…

These are a few of the top private equity firms situated in New England. The portfolio and principles of these PE firms might inspire you to make a career in private equity in the near future. Note that, the emerging private equity market owing to the pandemic situation is different.

The PE firms these days are interested in hiring candidates who have skills and knowledge in the PE domain, emerging technologies, and interpersonal skills too. Its highly critical to update your credentials, knowledge, and skills in the new area to get into the PE industry.


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