Best ways to increase Metabolism


Best ways to increase Metabolism

 10 Best ways to increase metabolism

Here are the best tips to increase metabolism explained into the easy points. Metabolism in the human body works as a processor in the machine. And without it’s smooth functioning we humans cannot stay fit. It is directly connected with our stomach and we all know it better that maximum of human diseases are the results of bad health of our stomach. Therefore, here are the top 10 best ways to increase your metabolism.

The main purpose of metabolism is to process the food we intake, burn it inside the stomach, and channelize the productive parts of the food and send the energy to the body. It also converts the unnecessary elements of food into waste in our body. It controls and programs the food burning process inside the stomach. It is very important for all of us to keep it healthy and channelized. Although, there are numbers of ways to increase metabolism but here we are going to discuss top 10 and easy ways.

  • Physical Activities
  • Less Sitting Hours
  • Green Tea
  • Cold Water Intake
  • Add Spicy Food
  • Idol Sleep
  • Don’t Reduce Calories Intake
  • Protein Diet
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Healthy Food and Fruits   

Tip – 1 Physical Activities – It is very much needed that we as a human always indulge ourselves into some kind of physical activity so that our muscles always participate in some sort of exercise. You can opt for many kind of activities some are domestic and are related with our day to day movements and some are optional and need motivation to be performed. For example, storing water at home, pulling some weight, pushing the household heavy furniture etc. And on the other hand gym, walk, running, cycling, dancing swimming, rope skipping etc. are the outdoor activities. Although, we can perform gym, dancing and rope skipping at home itself. All these activities are helpful in keeping our body fit and metabolism sound.

Tip – 2 Less Sitting Hours – It is always recommended by the physician that we should cut short our sitting hours in a day. The biggest reason behind it is that in the night we sleep at least for 8 hours which provides enough relaxation and comfort to our body and if in day we will sit for longer hours, then it will increase our body fat and it will become a cause for inefficiency of functioning of our internal system. This can invite several other diseases.

 Tip – 3 Green Tea – Green tea is considered as a great source to keep our internal system healthy. It’s rich minerals and elements make it more powerful to fight against the body virus. It is very helpful in reducing weight effectively and it increase metabolism level. It also helps in showing the result of workout we do in a day to reduce our excessive body weight. Because of the intake of green tea we feel hunger frequently and we eat more.

Tip – 4 Cold Water Intake – It is scientifically proven that if we intake more water in a day, our human body system performs better than it performs with the intake of supplements. Water is a great source of natural minerals. The more cold water we have, more are the chances for all of us to keep ourselves away from different kinds of illnesses. An appropriate water level in our body can do wonders for us. It can increase the functioning of metabolism smooth.

Tip – 5 Add Spicy Food – Many of us cannot eat spicy food because of it’s very nature. Spicy food can punish our tongue but it also shares the gift of health to humans. Adding spicy food in our daily food can increase metabolism and highly functioned. It helps in processing the food and burning it properly. This process takes several minutes but it also provides necessary minerals, protein, iron, carbohydrate, fiber etc. to the body. And it also drags out the waste.

Tip – 6 Idol Sleep – As we had discussed earlier as well that having an appropriate sleep is very important for our body to function properly next day. A standard sleep of 8 hours is very important for humans. As this provides us proper relaxation and helps in recollect the energy for next day workout. But if you will not have proper sleep in the night next day your physical system and mental system will not work as per the need. Your metabolism will also not function well and that way you can feel sick too.

Tip – 7 Don’t Reduce Calories Intake – Sometimes when we feel that we have put on some extra body weight we try to cut off our calories intake drastically to get the better results. And that way we also reduce our body mass. It is recommended that do not reduce calories intake too much but if needed then to some level you can do it. Having more calories in a day helps our metabolism to work absolutely fine.

Tip – 8 Protein Diet – To keep metabolism healthy and effectively functioned you need to add protein in your diet. Protein diet increases the burn level of calories in the body. And it is very important for our body too. But do not increase protein diet in your food if you are suffering from any kidney related disease. Protein takes longer hours to be burned properly inside our stomach.

Tip – 9 Dark Chocolate – Dark chocolate is a great source to reduce weight effectively but do not intake excessive amount of it as it may show some side-effects. You can have Dark Chocolate in between 20g-30g but not more than that in a day. It also increase metabolism channelized. And that way our internal system work absolutely fine.

Tip – 10 Healthy Food and Fruits – To keep yourself fit and fine always have healthy and fresh food. It is recommended by the doctors that immediate after waking up in the morning, after a gap of 1 hour always have fresh and healthy fruits in the morning. It channelizes our body system and keeps our stomach fit.

There are several other tips to be followed to keep our metabolism healthy and functioning but these are the top 10 Best ways to increase metabolism instantly. So, adopt these healthy and beneficial tips and keep your body fit and fine.


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