Liver transplantation in India

Criteria to fulfill to get Liver transplantation in India

The liver is the largest internal organ of the human body performing critical functions like processing nutrients, medications, and hormones, producing bile that helps the body absorb fats, cholesterol, and fat-soluble vitamins, making proteins that help the blood clot, removing bacteria and toxins from the blood, and preventing infection and regulating immune responses.

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A liver transplant is a surgical procedure that removes a liver that is no longer functioning properly and replaces it with a healthy liver from a deceased donor or a certain portion of a healthy liver from a living donor. A liver transplant is usually considered for people who have significant complications due to end-stage chronic liver disease it may also be a treatment option in rare cases of sudden failure of a previously healthy liver.

Listed below are the criteria to fulfill to get a liver transplant in India:

  • To be eligible for a liver transplant, the patient should have a liver that is not functioning properly and is beyond the stage of repair. When the damaged liver is unable to grow new tissues to heal itself, it results in scarring and a liver transplant becomes necessary.

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  • When the patient has end-stage liver disease and medical therapy no longer gives relief, he may be eligible for a liver transplant. Indian hospitals consider such patients referred by the liver specialist for a transplant who are at high-risk.

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  • Liver transplant specialist at Indian hospitals makes every attempt to ensure that patients chosen for transplant undergo an evaluation to make them the most suitable for the surgery. The evaluation process confirms the diagnosis and determines the extent of the liver injury or disease, assesses other medical or psychological problems affecting the patient’s health, provides information about the risks and benefits of transplantation, takes stock of the financial considerations of the patient shortlisted for the liver transplant, and answer all patient queries related to the procedure. The transplant evaluation usually takes place over three to four days and is done on an outpatient basis, unless an inpatient stay is necessary.

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  • Before liver transplant surgery, the patient undergoes a physical examination and certain medical tests to ensure the patient is free of cancer outside the liver, there are no traces of substance abuse, he has not consumed alcohol for at least six months, there are no active infections, there are no psychiatric conditions or other diseases, and there is adequate health insurance to cover the cost of a liver transplant as it is an expensive medical procedure.

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  • The patient must be willing to make lifestyle changes to support the newly gifted liver and follow the diet schedule prescribed by the qualified dietician.


  • Indian hospitals consider the living-donor partial transplant for patients at an earlier stage of liver failure. To qualify for this surgery, the patient must have it before the liver disease gets severe enough to require a full liver transplant.

If you are looking for a liver transplant in India, you can visit the websites of renowned hospitals that offer liver transplants using advanced technology and the latest medical devices.

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