Gemstones For Gifting

Best Gemstones For Gifting Purposes

The gemstones are made naturally by Mother Nature, which is later crafted and bought to life by our professional artisans. We have a collection of precious and natural gemstones that are collected from various parts of the globe and then brought under one roof together.

Celebrations, festivals, and birthdays are among the most desired and cherished moments of our lives. For such special occasions, we need special gifts to express our gratitude and warmth towards our loved ones. While gifting, we should always opt for something which is useful for the receiver. However, sometimes it becomes really tough to find that perfect present for that special one, as there are endless options available in the market. In such cases of hustle and confusion, you can simply go for a piece of beautiful gemstone.

A gift in the form of a gemstone delights the receivers anytime in every way. They are not only an add-on to the beauty of the wearer, but also bless him or her with numerous astrological benefits. Here are some of those gemstones that make the best gifting options:-

Emeralds Holding the gorgeous green hue of spring and lush forests, Emerald is an extremely beautiful rich green colored precious gemstone to be taken into consideration. This May birthstone symbolizes rebirth and love and is counted among the rarest gemstones of the world.

Ruled by the planet Mercury, it can be a perfect gift to be presented, especially those having Virgo and Gemini as their Zodiac signs. The vivid radiate tone is known to bring success and wealth to its wearers. Red Corals The distinguishing property of precious red coral, which makes it different from the crowd, is that it is derived from water bodies, unlike other stones. Besides being extensively durable, red coral comes in an intensely red to pink-orange color, which makes it a great jewelry choice. With Mars as the ruling planet, it is also considered to be very auspicious in Hindu scriptures.

Therefore, Red corals can be one of the perfect gifts you may present as they are not just amazingly beautiful, but are beneficial from the astrological point of view too. It provides courage and self-confidence to its bearer. The rich red hue redirects the rage, helping the wearer to attain career and life goals with ease. Iolites Iolites or water sapphires are striking blues to purple colored gemstones. It is named as water sapphire because of its uncanny resemblance with blue sapphires after processing.

Iolites can be a seamless gifting choice as they carry several cosmological properties to benefit the recipient. Wearing these astonishingly alluring gem pieces not only enhances creativity level but also strengthens the inner healing process and delivers grounding to oneself. Agate Agate, also somewhere known as The Stabilizer, can be another considerable option for gifting purposes. Acknowledged as the gem of courage, strength, and balance, Agate was believed to grant victory to the soldiers on the battlefield during ancient times.

It will prove to be the best gift for someone who is going through a tough time in his or her life and needs soothing energies. A source of natural and magnificent beauty, agate presents positivity and stability in the life of its possessor. For centuries, gemstones are one of the perfect gifting ideas for any or every event and occasion. If you want to gift something worthy to your nearest and dearest and make them feel special; what can be more better than a gemstone?

Rose quartz, clear quartz, Larimar, Citrine, Celestine, Tiger Eye, Black Tourmaline, Jade, Chrysocolla, and Selenite are also widely accessed for exchanging gifts. You can pick any gemstone from the above-mentioned list or can opt also for any gem piece from the renowned Navratan series according to the Zodiac sign or birth chart of the recipient.

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