Your Ultimate Guide to Valentine Gift Shopping in the Bay Area

Valentine Gift Shopping

Your Ultimate Guide to Valentine Gift Shopping in the Bay Area

As Valentine is just around the corner, it is high time to plan something for your special ones. It is quite a difficult task to decide on a valentine's gift or surprise as it is not only about the materialistic presents; it is about the emotions and feelings.Valentine's week is knocking at the door, and we understand you are running out of time.

Are you planning to confess your feelings? Or are you looking forward to surprising your loved ones in a way no one would have ever done? Do you want to make this Valentine a romantic and memorable one?

If yes, then you are definitely in the right place. Just note these things that you can look for to amaze your partner and make them feel loved. If you plan to purchase a gift for your beloved and want an on demand delivery for it , then these five spots are the best ones you should plan to visit. These are the one-stop solution to all your desires for chocolates and flowers.

These are the most famous and greatest outlets that you can opt to select the best presents for your Valentine.

Recchiuti Confections: This store was founded by master chocolatier Michael Recchiuti and his wife Jacky, another store, Little Nib, can be found in the Dogpatch neighborhood on 22nd Street. The marketplace is a fantastic spot for Valentine's day's gift ideas. The niche, which they deal in is handcrafted chocolates Recchiuti Confections. They have combinations of different collections; for instance, a platinum collection of 88 pieces is the most expensive, costing $168. Still, there are many more inexpensive boxes like the S'mores kit for $25 and a six-ounce package of Burnt Caramel Almonds for $13. If you are celebrating your first ever Valentine's day, other items are also available, like chocolate bars, sauces, and snacks.

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Socola Chocolatier: Are you thinking to shower your beloved with loads and loads of chocolates? Do you want to give your partner something really very astonishing? If yes, then Now is the chance to rule over your special ones by giving a surprise of a chocolate box. Socola Chocolatier offers a valentine’s day special gift, 12-packs of raspberry-champagne, and salted-caramel truffles, which costs $25. If you want your Valentine date to be memorable, Socola Chocolatier’s Sriracha truffles compel an excellent encounter almost at the same price. No need to wait as these appetizing chocolates are worth presenting to your loved ones.


Brilliant Earth: Let the name be enough to give its meaning. Brilliant Earth was incorporated by two Stanford University grads. The store specializes in retailing jewelry utilizing recycled expensive metals. Customers have a wide variety to choose from, starting custom made rings, pendants, earrings, other fine jewelry, silver wave pendant, initial silver pendant, and the most special one for your beloved 18k yellow gold moon stud earrings are priced under $200. We have highlighted the address Market Street near Emporio Armani and Barney’s New York for your information. The primary thing that plays an important role is when you plan to visit the showroom; you need to make an appointment, although the store is opened seven days a week. Sounds quite strange??? But you have to do this for your valentine.

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San Francisco Flower Mart: Another reason to make your Valentine happy is to give them an astonishing bouquet of roses or other floral treaties. The best selection of followers you will get in the city known as the San Francisco flower mart, the only mart you can rely on. Choose from a renowned flower delivery service, and make your special day colorful and brightening as much as possible. Now, do you eagerly want to know the place?? A few blocks from the San Francisco CalTrain Station, the vibrant bouquet market has approx 50 vendors specializing in cut flowers, blooming plants, Farm girl Flowers, SOMA Flowers, and Shibata Floral Company. Not only the ordinary people but also the outstanding television personality Martha Stewart once narrated the San Francisco Flower Mart as the “best blossom market in the country.”


XO BAKES: Have you ever witnessed a young mom running a shop efficiently to make your valentine's day a memorable one? If you haven't heard, then this section is for you. Becca, an enthusiastic young entrepreneur and a mother of 2 naughty kids, is bringing joy to your tables. She prepares homemade sweets with utmost love and care. Is there any best way to show love in the form of these beautiful cookies? XO Bakes is delivering half-dozen cookie boxes for only $30. Guess what the most exciting part is it's available in various funky shapes and sizes like diamonds, winged-hearts, envelopes, and many more.

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These are just some of the references that you can take to make your day memorable. The best part about choosing a gift from such outlets is you can even hire a pick-up and delivery service provider to get all things arranged for you. All these can be organized by choosing an option of on-demand delivery as well.  The association with dedicated logistics makes it stand class apart from its competitor. The delivery service courier will make everything convenient for you; so that you can enjoy the most of the day with your loved ones.


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