Google Algorithm Updates 2019

Google Algorithm Updates

Google Algorithm Updates 2019

Google’s algorithms Updates for 2019

We all know how Google works, right! You search for content and websites using keywords, phrases or a combination of words put together and there it is, the website’s link pops on the top of the search results. All of this is done in a fraction of seconds and the complex work which is done often stays unknown to us. Google uses a various set of algorithms for this process i.e. it uses a complex system where data is retrieved from its search index and delivered with best possible results.

Now, with the growing trend of Digital Market and e-commerce, every business organisation is trying to come up with a website of its own. As the main target of a business organisation is to reach most of the target audience hence, they try to do so through Google. This search engine claims almost 90% of the web searches. Google stands as the priority of almost every single organisation.

Algorithms keeps changing

To reach the peak of the searches, companies’ contact various SEO companies and go through all the SEO models they provide. Then choose the best model suitable for the company. Among the services is Content Marketing Strategy which is used to keep a closer look on what Google is up to and by what measure can the company reach its site ranking.

But, in this dynamic world which has no certain future and is unpredictable, marketers usually are vulnerable about their techniques going in vain when Google releases a new algorithm. With a new update, organisations lose their rankings which results in loss of traffic as well or, just because of few keywords they score high. This fluctuation cannot be predicted even by SEO experts as the time of the release of the new algorithm is always unknown. Therefore, a strong SEO model is to be created which would help a company keep its pace. A strong SEO model usually depends upon the deep knowledge of how Google works, keeping up with every new update and trying to know what it values.

Previously, Google changed its algorithms every few months but following the last few years, this search Engine giant is making more than expected amount of changes which is usually multiple times a day. Among which some updates are so minute that they go unnoticed but a few updates come as a shock to the SEO community as a whole and, are the ones which should be taken into consideration.

Types of Updates

  • Official name update: As the name itself suggests, these are often the big updates Google launches and also gives it an official name which generally starts with P. For example- Penguin, Panda and Pirate.
  • Broad core updates: Core updates occur more commonly: At some point of time,Google Algorithm Update announces that an update has occurred but won’t project any information about the same. But, as these updates affect the functionality, SEO experts assign unofficial names to such updates for the ease of discussion about the same. For example- Fred, Medic and Pigeon. The reason being information not disclosed is that, if given then it can give away too much information.
  • Smaller functionality update: Along with the core and official updated, Google Algorithm Updates makes a subsequent amount of change in its functions. Such as Speed updates, Mobile-Friendly updates, Snippet updates.

8 Major Google algorithm updates

  1. Panda: At the time of its launch, Panda was a filter which was later on taken in the core algorithm in, January 2016. This algorithm generally works as the quality assigner as it assigns the websites quality score, and further evaluates the ranking.
  1. Penguin:Unlike Panda, this Google Algorithm Updates works in real time. Penguin is integrated as part of Google’s core algorithm from late 2016. Penguin down-ranks the websites which are deemed to be manipulative.
  1. Hummingbird: Hummingbird is an algorithm which is designed to interpret the queries made and also to match the intention of the search and provide results similar to that. Keywords still being an important ingredient, Hummingbird ranks search results and displays websites even if they do not contain a number of keywords the searchers entered.
  1. Pigeon: Pigeon affects the search based on the location of the user, i.e. based on the location of the user the results are displayed. It is a tie between the core and local algorithms i.e. traditional SEO strategy is used to rank local results.
  1. Mobile:Websites are usually desktop friendly and easy to use while surfing on the same. This update aka Mobilegeddon is an Google Algorithm which is designed to optimize the searches which are made from mobiles and rank the results according to the sites which are mobile friendly. The ones which aren’t mobile friendly are taken down or downranked.
  1. Rankbrain:It is a machine learning technique which helps understand the meaning of the queries and is a part of Google’s Hummingbird algorithm. With the help of this algorithm, Google understands what query had been made and displays results which are highly similar to the keywords. The ranking factor taken into view, this Google Algorithm Updates stands at the third place.
  1. Possum:  It is because of this algorithm that, the results you find vary from location to location. The closer you are to a business enterprise, more likely you will find it on the top of your search results.
  1. Fred:Fred is the latest updated which Google Algorithm Updates has announced. Keeping into view the webmaster guidelines, this algorithm strikes the ones which violate the same. The sites likely to be affected are the ones which are made with the motive of ad revenue and to create low-quality posts and rb_blog.

Being completely updated about all the changes Google makes is tough, I agree. But can you keep up with the same strategy you have been following from the past few years and expect your site’s traffic to be the same? Especially with the growing competition and quick improvement in technology. Of course not! So, in order to keep up with the traffic one has to keep himself updated about the Google Algorithm Updates and change the SEO strategy according to the same.


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