Build A Perfect Email Marketing Team For Your Company

Build A Perfect Email Marketing Team For Your Company

Do you want to get the best out of email marketing campaigns? Build a team of efficient and skilled people. No doubt, you will attain it. Emails are transformed from plain text to HTML formats. Now, you will need a specialized team to handle the responsibilities. Learn who you might need to take into the team and what is their work. In this blog post, we have made the list of important team members you must own. Take a deep look and build a unique team. Let all the success in email marketing come to your company.

Email Strategist

Every email marketing campaign must have a well-defined strategy. In fact, it is highly recommended by the experts too. So, who is an email strategist and how to select him? Do not get covered in the crowded market. Try hard to be a unique brand. Most of them never plan a strategy before shooting out emails. It does not serve the purpose. Hire someone who is able to think out of the box and plan a strategy for your email campaign.

The strategist will define the role of an email in your business. He or she must be aware of the fundamentals of email strategy. Why should an email be used in your business? For a product, service, sales, or marketing! How many times you should send an email? What is the segmentation you can use? How to personalize the email copy? How to attain maximum email deliverability? The questions are endless. In the end, you just need to have a responsible email strategist. Get it going towards your business goals.

Email Designer

The designer is directly responsible for the appealing look of your email. However, the designer requires knowledge about how an email looks on different devices. So, he or she should work closely with email strategist and developer. As a result, it is easy to maintain the responsiveness of the design. In addition, the designer should take care of the email appearance on different inboxes. It includes Gmail, outlook, etc. The email design must fulfill the following conditions:

  • Communicate the required message in the best way
  • Aligned with the brand
  • Flexible usage with other content too.
  • Includes long-form writing, videos, GIFs that can be used for data segmentation and personalization.

Ultimately, a designer must identify the primary objective of the email campaign. He or she should be able to design different templates for each workflow. It includes password resets, sales, reminders, subscription confirmation, etc. If there are any changes made to the brand, the designer must implement it for all the existing templates.


Having a skilled copywriter in your email marketing team is extremely important. Most evidently, today’s digital marketing era need a good copywriter to stand out unique in the competition. A copywriter follows the plan of a strategist and complements the design with a well-written email copy. So, the content is king and it can take your campaigns to a great height. Good design with bad content will never give you good results. Keep in mind that more than one person is responsible for writing the compelling email copy. Especially when your team is planning for newsletter campaigns.You might have to gather the content from the relevant departments of the company. Greater the number of people working on the same project can bring you better results. Because there you can see a creativity mix. However, it should be planned well and do not create a mess during the process. It would be great if you assign one main person to coordinate the content. So that he or she put together the content in one format, tone, and proofreads before finalizing the copy.

Email Developer

The email developer work in good collaboration with designers and strategist. They should make sure that the objective of the email campaign is attained as expected. Developers also take care of responsiveness of the design layout on different devices. As a whole, they will know how to properly implement the data segmentation and check whether the integrations are enabled successfully. You can have plenty of integrations such as CRM, data aggregators, or e-commerce platform. So, the email stack must perfectly function. So, he or she optimizes the performance of all important tools for upcoming campaigns. Good integrations have the power to drive your email campaigns towards 100% success. This is because integrations allow the following features enabled in email campaigns:

  • Personalization
  • In-Depth Analytics
  • Nurturing

As a result, it definitely leads to a great campaign. In turn, a developer supports the designer. He or she cross verifies the brand alignment, appealing design template, and responsive on multiple devices. In the previous years, it was difficult to make sure the mail goes to inboxes. With the help of new technology, it is now possible to develop impressive email marketing campaigns.

Data Engineer

A data engineer helps the developer get the best results from the integrations made and a strategist to understand the performance better. How to pull out the right market data and embed in your email campaign? If possible, the data can be pulled from genuine resources. Having a data engineer in your email marketing team, you can avoid getting the failed segmentation errors. In email marketing, you should be able to send the right message to the right audience at the right time. This whole process is taken care by a data engineer. He also checks how to personalize or optimize the existing data and improve the performance of future campaigns.

Wrapping Up

Finally, you know how to build a unique email marketing team. The five roles listed above is just a representation of a typical team. You can always have modifications based on your company requirements. It does not matter how your team is composed. Just check whether there is the right number of people who are willing to share all the responsibility. Ultimately, they should work to attain one common objective.


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