Australia Immigration Programs

Australia Immigration Program

Australia Immigration Programs

The kangaroo country is famous for its beautiful landscape and the ambiance and infrastructure that it offers for one’s growth there. Australia for long has been known as a country with steady economic growth. The individual living standards is pretty high in Australia in comparison to other countries.

However, there has been a criticism of evident racism prevalent in Australia. This is being addressed well by the Government of Australia. Australia is a safe, clean and growing country with the prospects of personal growth on a high. The taxing systems in Australia is reasonable enough. The process of immigration and other government regulations are easy with clear prospects provided.

Benefits of relocating to Australia are many-

As a country wanting to get foreign investors and professionals to relocate and work in Australia, the country has enough prospects to lure such immigrants to consider Australia as an option to relocate, invest, work and live there.

  1. Australia has high standards of living. It is one of those rare countries which is known for its living conditions and is ranked among the top ones in the world. Supply of everyday necessities is well regularized and is taken care of by the Government.
  2. Australia’s education system is one of its kind in the world. Education till 12th grade or equivalent is completely free and the costing is taken care of by the Government. Teachers are well respected and are knowledgeable enough to impart the required as would be needed. And primary education for all those living in Australia is compulsory.
  3. Australians are adventure lovers and are also those who equally love the environment they live in. The required forest area is well maintained and is taken care of. To ensure, these don’t get exploited, the Government has turned most forest areas which are safe into parks and zoos, where the visitors can have both adventure and soaking in nature. As a result of these endeavors, the pollution levels in Australia is always under control. The air and water are well maintained.
  4. Medicare or mandatory public health insurance scheme in Australia is world-renowned. This provides healthcare coverage to citizens, permanent residents, refugees among others. Under this scheme, most medical expenses are covered by the Government. This includes consulting doctors, specialists, part payment for medicines bought and other treatments. Australia is trying to match up with Canada in terms of its Healthcare policies.
  5. The immigrants who move to Australia, have the right to study in any of the recognized universities in Australia with the same Visa. This can help them add on to their resume.
  6. The immigrants who are on a Permanent Resident Visa, become eligible for citizenship after 4 years of living in Australia. Such residents, also get the right to sponsor any of their relatives or friends who they think can actively contribute to the economy and society of Australia to relocate/migrate there.

This country has many pathways designed to welcome aspiring immigrants there. However, irrespective of what pathway one chooses, they need to fulfill certain conditions laid down by the immigration commission. While each pathway is unique there are certain common eligibility criteria defined by the immigration commission.

The filtering of applicants happens through the scoring process. Each of the applicants gets a score and based on the score, ranks are awarded. The highest-ranked applicants will be taken into consideration for immigration.

Such applicants cannot be beyond 45 years of age. The applicants, need to achieve the language band suggested by the immigration commission in English, for which one will have to take the Language proficiency test through authorized organizations. The applicants will have to have an education equivalent to the level of a Bachelor’s degree in Australia. They also should have a minimum of 2 years of work experience in the same domain as his/her degree of education.

Such applicants need to have clean character records to be considered by the immigration commission. They will have to submit a character certificate obtained from the local police station stating that the applicant has no criminal records till date. He/she will also have to submit a medical certificate, assuring that he/she doesn’t have any kind of infectious or other diseases which could harm the society at large. It would be preferable if the applicant is being endorsed/sponsored by a relative or an authorized body in Australia.

The applicant can always apply along with his immediate family. The rules apply to the spouse too. The spouse too can help in increasing your overall score.

Such migrants who have successfully moved to Australia can invite/sponsor their parents to either live temporarily or move permanently to Australia.

With so many opportunities open for individuals it is the best season to go ahead and apply for the Australian immigration programs.

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