Get your child future-ready with the best school in your town

School in Patparganj

Get your child future-ready with the best school in your town

A child will never step ahead with confidence until a mother doesn’t cut her emotional umbilical cord. Undoubtedly homeschooling is a thing, but school education is the foundation that builds your child’s future. School provides the decorum, the environment that follows a set of curriculum for the collective growth of your child. When you select the best school in Patparganj, you don’t just provide a better platform for your kid’s education, but you also rest assured that the faculties and the school atmosphere will work towards shaping the overall personality of your child. Schools nurture your little ones to be good human beings while preparing them for higher classes.

But with so many schools opening in your town and with everyone claiming to be the best, it can be quite daunting to find the best school in IP Extension. Do you want to enroll your child in the best school? Then have a look at these tips that might help!

Academic curriculum and extracurricular activities

After you consider the teacher to student ratio and the class size and infrastructure, ensure to check the academic curriculum. Most schools tend to follow different paths when it comes to curriculums and in India, some of the popular boards are CBSE, ICSE, SSC, IB, and CIE. Every board has a different curriculum that emphasizes a discrete system of teaching. Scrutinize your kid’s interest patterns or take the help of a trained counselor to determine which systems suit your child as per his/her capabilities. Also to add an extra edge in your child’s capacity of learning, always ask for the co-curricular activities that hone your kid’s intellectual skills.


Every kid nowadays has so little discipline that it becomes every parent’s responsibility to raise their discipline bar higher. Pick a school with a high level of discipline to imbibe the right values in your child. However, do consider that the methods adopted by the school are civil and less-stressful.

Approach to learning

Before you decide your kid’s ideal school in Patparganj by considering the above-mentioned tips, also consider if the school has a particular approach to teaching and learning. If it has one, then think over the fact if your child will enjoy learning from this approach. Also, try to find out if the school provides opportunities for children to get extra help whenever they need it, what is the homework policy, the communication standards, etc.

Fees and proximity

Quality education needs not be an expensive luxury. Parents should understand that and pick a school that offers you full value for money in terms of facilities, quality, safety, and extracurricular activities. Also, it is advisable to look at the available schools that are closest to your place of residence.

The bottom line

The above tips can make it quite easy to spot the best school in IP Extension. But before you start, make sure to conduct a comparative analysis of different schools available in your proximity and consider your child’s learning style. Every child has certain abilities that can be garnered to be turned into a hobby or a profession. Make sure that the school you pick caters to the creative side as well. Pick the best for your child and provide them a solid foundation for their upcoming career.

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