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We can conveniently deliver huge WhatsApp Promotional SMS Messages to your target clients by way of the WHATSAPP SMS Marketing Program. As we all know, WhatsApp is really a wonderful communications platform and is almost free of charge. But today, V-Touch Solutions is an Online marketing firm that has opted to go to the WhatsApp SMS Advertising Program because this application provides a better opportunity than all others for consumers for small companies. It can be the best resource for local marketing. Without a cap, you can send several messages.

And it comes for every device for smartphones, including Nokia, Blackberry, iPhone, Android, and Windows 8. It is used for all, so you donâ € TM must go to a website and fill in the information, then affirm our identities. It scans you and your mobile number! It's not just a text message. Without having to pay the costly MMS price, you can give your customers your new product photos or business coupons easily.

V-Touch Solutions presents you with a new platform for WhatsApp SMS Ads to meet your clients. You may give your customerâ€TMs smartphone directly with your voucher videos, advertising messages, emoji icon and shop locations, or even film. Mobile marketing is a very modern and effective way. Whatsapp Messaging Services supports multiple languages such as Punjabi, Gujarati, English, Hindi, and Bengali, etc. V-Touch Solutions.

V-touch as a bulk SMS supplier has been developed with the overall goal of marketing goods and services and provides a deeper view of targeting prospective buyers and customers to optimize their presence. With the assistance of v-touch promotional bulk SMS services, you will have the possibility to deliver bulk SMS services to a variety of individuals with one go, and to a team of professionally experienced professionals. The entire procedure offers people the goal of expanding their company at fair prices and charges simple and affordable advanced technologies. Enlarge the horizon through the clear terms and conditions of our platform.

Please notify the full number of people to drive the company up to a higher stage by taking advantage of bulk SMS services! In order to have an excellent, fast promotional SMS service, Mtalkz.com makes the most of technology and creativity and improves your company in a profitable way. To send several clients with zero barriers, bulk promotional SMS at one time.

V-touch as a bulk SMS supplier, designed for the ultimate purpose of marketing goods and services, provides a deeper view of targeting prospective clients and customers to optimize the market scope.


WHATSAPP MARKETING SERVICES is one of the platforms for any businessman or owner to promote his product. You will get direct access to the various customers. The most used messaging cross-platform application by the people since it has been launch. So today are going to have a look at WHATSAPP STRATEGIES OF MARKETING so that the small business owners can take the opportunity. V-TOUCH SOLUTIONS guarantees you, for cracking more sale once you start using WHATSAPP MARKETING for your BUSINESS PROMOTION. Gone are the days of EMAIL MARKETING SERVICE and of the PROMOTIONAL BULK SMS MARKETING, today what we are talking about is the reliable and fastest promotional weapon for your business named WHATSAPP MARKETING SERVICE.

  • You Can Set Your DP
  • Support For All Language
  • Affordable Cost
  • 100% Delivery On WhatsApp Numbers
  • Send Up to 1 Million Messages In A Day
  • Instant Delivery Of Messages
  • 24 X 7 Online Assistance And Complete Support


Different smartphone channels available

Launching of goods and service

Offer and contract Announcement


1 credit contains 1000 text, 1 graphic, 1 audio, 1 pdf file, 1 video.

Gateway Online

Your DP can be defined

Both Language Assistance

Cost Open

WhatsApp Figures 100% transmission

Give up to one million in one day

Instant Message Delivery

WhatsApp Users Credits Deduction

Redundant messaging networks

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