XPay Life - A Revolution in the Utility Bill Payment Genre

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XPay Life - A Revolution in the Utility Bill Payment Genre

With digitization, bill payment methods have become a lot easier and safer. Every day, a new online payment platform is coming on board. From so many platforms, which one should be trusted? In the era of online transactions, the only ones that can be trusted are the ones with the safest transaction systems. XPay Life is the only Indian online utility payment platform, which provides online as well as offline mode of bill payments. Let’s consider Landline Bill Pay using cash or go online and pay cashless. This is the uniqueness of XPay Life which makes it stand out amongst the other apps.

Digitization is going on but still there are many people who still prefer payments through cash. Maybe because they are not well-aware of online modes of payments or maybe because they do not trust the online modes of payment. Some people need a pinch of human interaction in every type of transaction, then only they are able to trust the payment method. They have this constant fear of losing their money to some kind of fraud. This fear of online fraud is so prevalent that they can wait for 3–4 hours in the queue, but will not opt for Electricity Bill Payment Online.

Their fear is also considerable as many online sites are in the background which have done fraud transactions with many people. Many online shopping websites are in the market which do not deliver the purchased items even when the orders are prepaid. There are a huge number of people who are not familiar with smartphones and hence, for them, the best way to pay bills is with cash. For such folks, XPay Life has deployed around 250 Self-service Touch Screen ATP Kiosks which accept both cash payment as well as cashless payments.

XPay Life is the only Indian Online Bill payment Platform which covers all the spectrums of bill payments. It includes XPay Life App, Web portal, Self-service Touch Screen ATP Kiosks, POS devices & Mobile Vans. The uniqueness of XPay Life is that it covers urban as well as rural population. Bajaj Finance Loan Payment can be done online using XPay Life App and Web portal. Villagers can do the same payment using mobile vans. These vans are equipped with Touch Screen ATP Kiosk, a mini ATM machine and a vending machine which dispenses sanitary napkins & condoms in the villages.

Payments can be processed online using Credit card, Debit card, UPIs, Net banking, etc. This gives the freedom to the people to choose the method they are comfortable with. For Online Gas Bill Payments, any of the above methods can be used. With the help of Self-service Touch Screen ATP Kiosks, the same payment can be done by cash also. The mobile vans deployed in rural areas visit villages at a regular interval. It is like a door-to-door service for the collection of bill payments. These vans have made the lives of villagers uncomplicated and trouble-free.

They can do Pipe Gas Bill Payment from the comfort of their home. The touch screen Kiosks kept inside mobile vans act as DTH Recharge App and can be used to recharge DTH. They are relieved from the pain of unnecessary travelling. Such vans are deployed only in a few villages. Many villages are still there, where people still need to travel vast distances to pay their utility bills. They have to sacrifice their wages sometimes, just for the sake of bill payments. XPay Life is planning to deploy around 2000 mobile vans by the end of 2021. The vision is to make India completely digital. XPay Life also aims at making villagers life trouble-free and relaxed.

For More Information: https://www.xpay.life

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