Everything There is to Know About Dental Fillings

A dentist in West Edmonton can help you come up with a treatment plan that will work to keep your dental health in its best shape for a long time.

Dental fillings have always been a popular treatment over the years. You may have heard of them when you visited a dental clinic in Edmonton or when one of your friends got them from their dentist in West Edmonton. This is talked about because of one reason, they are beneficial. Though they come with a few misconceptions by many, they brought ease to people who have suffered from dental problems.

We all know that cavities are not good for our dental health. Hence, the treatment begins with their removal. When people hear about dental fillings, they associate them with pain and a bad experience. If you are one of the many who do not know a lot about dental fillings and why they work, you can read the information below.

What are Dental Fillings for?

A cavity is the aftermath of tooth decay. This is the hole left when the decay has successfully destroyed a part of the tooth. Those who require emergency dental care in Edmonton for this issue would know that this is something that needs immediate intervention. Neglect of the condition will lead to a continuous spread of damage to the teeth.

A filling process is essential to manage this. First, the professional in the dental clinic in Edmonton will clean the decay and remove it from the cavity using a drill. Once the decay is removed, they fill it in. Usually, dentists use composite resin, however, some use silver amalgam and glass ionomer fillings.

You may be asking, why use fillings? The main role of these fillings would be to replace the part of the tooth that is destroyed by decay. It is the role of the dentist in West Edmonton to make sure it fits the cavity. This is essential as this is effective in restoring the integrity and strength of the tooth in terms of preventing decay from re-entering the area. People love this treatment because it restores the full health and functionality of the tooth effectively. Composite fillings can match your tooth’s color for a more natural feel.

How are Dental Fillings Attached?

The process begins with the dentist numbing the decayed tooth or teeth affected. Once the anesthetic is injected into the area, the gums and jaw become numb. A dental drill is then used to remove the decayed area. Once the cavity is free of decay, the filling insertion is then done.

Kinds of Fillings

The composite resin is the most popular type as this can match the color of the teeth. These are durable and are made to last for up to 15 years with the help of proper dental hygiene practices. Once this is inserted in paste form, it is then molded to the exact shape of the cavity. These are placed in layers and are then cured in place. Photopolymerization is done to safely and effectively secure it in place.

An amalgam filling is a combination of different metals including tin, silver, and mercury. This is a traditional metallic-looking dental filling. It is less expensive, easier to attach and long-lasting. The only downside to this choice would be that it cannot match the colour of your teeth. A mixing machine is used to prepare the amalgam. This is placed on the cavity and shaped to match the contours of the tooth.

The Importance of Dental Fillings

When the cavity is cleared of decay, it becomes more sensitive and vulnerable to recurrent infections. This makes it a site at risk for continued infection as the hole can become a good breeding ground for bacteria. This is where the use of dental fillings come in. The fillings prevent bacteria and plaque from re-entering the cavity and building up again.

Apart from protecting it from infections, it also reinforces the tooth for protection against cracking, chipping and breaking. When cavities are formed, it can lead to problems that go beyond the dental area.

If you feel that you have cavities that need to be checked or treated, book an appointment with a dental clinic in Edmonton today. A dentist in West Edmonton can help you come up with a treatment plan that will work to keep your dental health in its best shape for a long time.


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