The 8 Best Ways to Get Rid of Bad Breath

The 8 Best Ways to Get Rid of Bad Breath

The 8 Best Ways to Get Rid of Bad Breath

Let’s face it, nobody wants to have bad breath and if you do… well nobody wants to smell it. That’s just the harsh reality of things. But, the good news is, if you have bad breath, there are many different ways you can nip this problem in the bud. We have created a list of some simple yet effective strategies that can make you feel fresh, clean and so appealing.

1. Brush and floss frequently

Plaque is a sticky film that builds up on your teeth and accumulates bacteria which is responsible for making your breath smelly. Also, when you eat, and food becomes trapped between your teeth, it will only add to the issue.

You will want to put your oral hygiene in check. This means, you should be brushing twice daily and flossing a minimum of one time each day. If your bad breath is a concern for you, try brushing and flossing more than usual.

But avoid over brushing because this can cause premature tooth wear and make your teeth more vulnerable to tooth decay. Also, it can recede your gums. Be sure you are using a soft-bristle toothbrush when you brush and do not apply too much pressure.

2. Gargle

Other than brushing and flossing, your oral hygiene routine should also consist of mouthwash. A mouth rinse adds additional protection to your regimen because it is effective at removing bacteria in your mouth. Plus, that minty fresh taste you gargle with can leave you feeling fresh. Just ensure the mouthwash of your choice eliminates the germs that lead to bad breath rather than just masking the smell. Also, you should rinse your mouth with regular water each time you eat as this can help you avoid getting food trapped between your teeth.

3. Stop smoking

Other than the fact that smoking is terrible for your body and can lead to cancer it also affects your oral health. In fact, when you visit the dentist at your dental clinic in Dryden, it can cause damage to your gums, tooth stains and make your breath smell bad. If you need help quitting smoking, speak with your doctor for additional information. There are many resources available that can help you quit this harmful and life-threatening addiction.

4. Chew gum after dinner

So you have just finished eating when you reach for some mints. You may want to rethink that action and reach for a stick of gum instead. Why? Well, your mouth is full of bacteria, and this bacteria absolutely loves sugar. The bacteria in your mouth uses the sugar to create acid which leads to enamel deterioration and bad breath. When you chew sugar-free gum instead, it stimulates the production of saliva which is your mouth’s natural defense again acids, that lead to tooth decay and of course, bad breath.

5. Stay hydrated

As mentioned above, when your salivary glands do not produce a sufficient amount of saliva, it can cause tooth decay and bad breath. You will want to stay hydrated and drink multiple liters of water a day.

6. Visit your dentist

You should always visit a dental clinic near you every six months or sooner. During a regular dental cleaning and check-up, your dentist will examine your mouth for any potential issues. A trained dental hygienist will also perform a dental cleaning to remove plaque on your teeth for a clean mouth and fresh breath. A regular dental checkup is also an ideal time for you to inquire about the other services your dentist offers including teeth whitening in Dryden.

7. Use a tongue scraper

Every day, a coating of bacteria will form on your teeth which may be a source of smelly bacteria. To remove the bacteria, reach for a tongue scraper. This can easily be found over-the-counter at a local drugstore. A tongue scraper is designed with the intent to remove bacteria, food debris, and dead cells on your tongue that brushing cannot eliminate on its own.

8. Dodge certain foods

As much as we all love adding onion and garlic to our favourite dishes for some flavour, they are not our friends when it comes to our breath. Even when you brush after eating them, the smell will only linger because these substances move into your bloodstream, making their way to your lungs where you blow them out. So how can you prevent this problem? Well, don’t consume them… or at the least ty to avoid them when you must meet up with a date or have to speak to people.

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