Tips to Stay Cool in Summers

Tips to Stay Cool in Summers

Tips to Stay Cool in Summers

Summer is the most tiring season across the year because it sucks so much water out of our bodies. The scorching heat teases us all day long. Our body needs extra care to survive through these dry months of May - September. Here are top tips to stay cool and hydrated in summers:

Tips to Stay Cool in Summers
Tips to Stay Cool in Summers


Skip eating hard to digest food

Eating non-veg in excess during summers may create indigestion problem. It is highly recommended to eat easily digestible food like watermelon, vegetables, grains, and vitamin c based fruits.

Eat in installments

Rather than eating in bulk, try eating in installments. This helps you to digest your food easily and not let you lose much water through sweating.

Eat water-rich food

Water-rich food keeps your body temperature cool all the time. Whenever you sweat, your body loses water and essential minerals. Our body extracts water from water-rich food and the reason, you stay hydrated. Water-rich food includes oats, chapatis, watermelon, cucumber, etc.

Practice meditation

Do not forget to practice meditation every day. It keeps your mind calm throughout the day. It is medically proven that a calm mind generates less heat in the body in comparison to the angry minds.

Drink coconut water or refreshing drinks at least once in a day

Make coconut water or thandai an essential part of your summer diet. These water-enriched drinks keep you hydrated and full of energy all the time. If you find Thandai a complicated recipe, you can buy ready-made guruji thandai online to prepare a deliciously refreshing drink in a minute.

Wear cotton and light coloured clothes

Wearing cotton and light coloured clothes generate less irritation in the body during summers. Clothes made from nylon and other fabrics do not act as skin-friendly clothes. Clothes made from soft fabrics like cotton are much needed to avoid irritation in summers.

Try to avoid direct sunlight

Try not to go outside your house or office premises between 10 am to 4 pm to avoid direct sunlight as it impacts your skin and sucks water from your body.

Take cold water shower twice a day

If possible, try to take shower twice a day to push away the heat generated by your body. Taking shower keeps you refresh and energetic all the time.

You are suggested to maintain good eating habits during summers to avoid dehydration and heat strokes. Consuming optimum water through so many food items like watermelon, lemon water, and cucumbers help you a lot to stay cool and calm during hot months.

Here are 5 unbeaten summer traditional drinks:


A spicy refreshing drink blended with a perfect proportion of tamarind, cumin, and black salt, is a favourite of millions in India. It also helps to boost your digestive system. Jal Jeera is a great substitute for cola drinks.


Fully of energy and extreme at the taste, thandai cannot be forgotten during summers. Ingredients like almonds, rose petals, and pistachios are used to prepare India’s most popular energy drink - Jal Jeera. It is one of the best refreshing drinks available in India during the summers.

Sweet Lassi

Sweet Lassi is an authentic Punjabi refreshing drink used to consume a lot in summers. It’s a drink prepared with blended thick yoghurt and added sugar added in it. A thick layer of Malai is also added with rose flavour. People don’t just drink it or like it, actually, they love and feel the authentic taste of this energetic drink.


People, who are not fond of sweetened yoghurt products, love to drink Buttermilk for its spicy taste. Popularly known as Chaach, Buttermilk is a cool refreshing drink that is considered full of health and taste.

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