Mouth Guards and Their Types

Mouth Guards and Their Types

When it comes to sports and physical activity, tooth trauma is preventable. When we discuss sports injury, in specific, how to prevent a tooth from being knocked out and what to do in those circumstances, we must mention mouth guards near you.

When it comes to mouth guards, the dental team at your dental clinic in Port Moody hear “What is the best type of mouth guard and what kind of options are there?” often. Well, we will mention all this information in the article you are reading right now. Additionally, we will mention some advice for patients looking to obtain a mouth guard.

First things first, we want to emphasize the importance of having a custom mouth guard that is professionally made by your dentist in Port Moody. A mouth guard that is made to fit your mouth has the most protection. Of course, any mouth guard is better than no mouth guard at all, so if you are unable to visit a dental clinic near you before a game or soccer practice, reach for the shelves at a nearby Walmart. Over-the-counter mouth guards will do a decent job at protecting your teeth from becoming injured, but we recommend you replace them quite often as they wear quickly. When a mouth guard wears, the protection lessens and at that point, the amount of protection offered is close to nothing.

A stock mouth guard is the most basic type of mouth protector. It has many disadvantages though. Not only does it inhibit breathing, but it is also bulky and uncomfortable. However, they come ready-to-wear-once you pop them out of their casing, they can be worn right away. Unfortunately, they do not provide custom protection for unique teeth and mouth formation.

Boil and bite mouth guards can be more superior to stock mouth guards, but once again they carry certain limitations. Boil and bite mouth guards can be purchased over-the-counter, but they do not cover the teeth sufficiently, plus they are thin and easy to break. For this reason, your dentist in Port Moody will not recommend boil and bite mouth guards that were purchased over-the-counter to patients, especially those on athletic teams.

Mouth guards that are supplied by a dental clinic near you can ensure a better fit, longer-lasting durability and ultimate protection. Typically, there are two types, vacuum mouth guards and laminated mouth guards.

Vacuum mouth guards use older technology; however, they are more superior in fit when compared to store-bought mouth guards such as those listed above. When you obtain a vacuum mouth guard, your dentist in Port Moody will create a mold of your mouth and dental structure––this is used to ensure the mouth guard is the proper thickness and size. The material used for a vacuum mouth guard is stronger and more durable than boil and bite mouth guards, which means they do a better job of protecting your teeth.

Lastly, a pressure laminated mouth guard is by far the best option when it comes to protecting your teeth during sports. This type of mouth guard is the most durable, especially for full-contact sports. It precisely forms to your teeth and mouth, and will not wear away as fast as other types of mouth guards. Your dentist in Port Moody will highly recommend this type of custom made mouth guard. Why? Your smile is one of or if not, your most important feature. Protecting it is paramount.

If you have any more questions regarding mouth guards near you, visit a dental clinic near you and consult with your Port Moody dentist today! While the initial cost of a mouth guard may seem like more than what you are willing to pay, this dental device can help you or perhaps your child avoid dental injuries that require emergency dental services. This means, in the long run, wearing a mouth guard could reduce your chance of acquiring a dental restoration procedure that is costly, extensive and complicated. Invest in your smile and discuss mouth guards near you. Your dentist in Port Moody will be more than happy to provide you with additional information regarding your interest in this dental appliance. Schedule an appointment today!

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