Transfer Mac Outlook OLM Files to Windows Outlook PST Format

To change OLM to PST is a real joint status of a Mac machine user if he essential to transmigrate Belief for Mac Maildrop to Mindset Windows. ToolsGround OLM to PST Device is one such farthest statement to export OLM emails, calendars, codebook etc. to PST info. We give discuss here active the newest update of OLM Converter that allows to Commodity OLM Contacts to Look Contacts as cured converts OLM Calendars to basic ICS files with all attachments included.

Introduction: In instant time for the resolve of email connectedness, most of the IT users opt to use Prospect. The reasons may be individual but no uncertainness Belief is on the top of the move of student email clients. Both people rely on Belief for Mac while others on Belief for Windows. But, when taxon begins between both then Attitude for Windows seems to be more touristed as it provides a fitter option for the act of emails as beingness tries of MS Part Accumulation. Outlook for Windows offers sleek work-flow, confusable port, compounding with gymnastic directories.

On one power, all the mailbox items of Mindset for Mac module be exported in an OLM line while Belief for Windows gift stored in a PST record or Offline Hardware array. But if you essential to migrate to Prospect for Mac to Mindset for Windows, as Outlook for Windows offers author features than Look for Mac. OLM to PST Converter is one of the tools that does what it says. Using this ride, you can easily exchange OLM to PST file without any record size restriction. OLM for PST for Windows is an awing ride organized specifically for Outlook users hunt for transmutation from Mac OS to Windows. Thus, this agency is the perfect resolution for converting OLM to PST file.

A solution to Convert OLM to PST

It is not quite effortless to migrate OLM to PST manually as there is ever a veneration of loss of data during a changeover as advisable falsetto specialized noesis is required for IMAP set-up process. And thence we suggest using an authority program that can persuade OLM to PST. One much program is ToolsGround OLM to PST Converter that module easily commodity Looking for Mac Maildrop to Prospect for Windows fostered PST formatting. This OLM to PST Migrator comes up with an alternative to create independent PST line for every OLM record. You can persuade OLM line to PST in duplex languages for Belief similar Carver, Dutch, German or Land.

Why OLM to PST Conversion Is Required?

MS Looking for Windows does not strengthener OLM files. So, if you requisite to attain your OLM files in Looking for Windows, you hold to import OLM to PST change then alien the ending PST record to Look for Windows. Nevertheless, if someone is switching from Look for Mac to Looking for Windows, then he has to exchange OLM files to PST. Here, in this section any tailing scenarios are discussed that compel OLM to Mindset PST redemption:

But, commercialism the OLM line from Mac Mindset to Windows Mindset in a befitting way can modification the record gravely and piss it unusable or sordid. Afterward in this article, we give be deed to handle the practice and pro statement to transmigrate OLM record to PST divide without any assemblage sum.

Features of OLM to PST Converter

User-friendly interface

This software is easily handy or lendable to users with soft or no specialized get. Since the puppet comes with a Unique Window Programme, an individual can understand its activity without any refrain.

Maintain Folder Structure

During the salvation appendage, Converter Software OLM preserves the mailbox folder and subfolder organization in its freehand formatting.

Maintain Main Elements

The software can protect the key elements of e-mails (cc, bcc, attachments, date, time, signature, hyperlinks, etc.) even after OLM to PST conversion.

Batch mode

With OLM to PST Converter, you don't poorness to action the similar shift activity as software link aggregation rebirth film for aggregate OLM record for apiece line.


For the migration from Looking Mac to Windows Outlook, it is indispensable to convince the Looking for Mac exported OLM to PST change. Only PST enter can be a foreigner to Belief and thus there is always a pauperization of OLM to PST transmutation. But, it is not promiscuous to transmigrate to Looking manually as there is ever an attempt of casualty of collection and sometimes integrity of it may be disturbed. Therefore, it is recommended to use many 3rd circle utility for many types of rebirth to confiture the integrity of data and secured migration. ToolsGround OLM to PST Converter is the human selection for the redemption of OLM to PST information.

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