Choosing The Right Food for Your Teeth

Choosing The Right Food for Your Teeth

Choosing The Right Food for Your Teeth

When you think of having good oral care, chances are brushing, flossing and regular dental checkups are the first things written on your checklist. And while these are all very important and necessary steps to take, we often dismiss what we are putting in our body.

For starters, do you know, you can actually eat your way to good oral health? Yes, that is right, your diet can either have a positive or negative influence on the health of your mouth. Plus, if you are what you eat, then this would be even more true for your teeth and gums. Not only that, unhealthy foods only feed the bacteria in your mouth that leads to tooth decay and periodontitis. Your plaque is a thin, sticky, yet invisible film of bacteria that forms on your teeth, covering their surfaces. When these acids are on your teeth they can attack them for twenty minutes or longer once you are done eating. When repeated, these attacks can destroy your tooth enamel, leading to tooth decay. Not only that, the bacteria in your plaque triggers an inflammatory response causing your gums, bone and the other supporting structures of your teeth to breakdown. When you visit your Burnaby dentist, they can provide some useful food suggestions, as well as which foods to avoid.

Know that some foods invite tooth decay and other foods fight it. The following are some good food choices you should consider making.

The right food choices to make:

Fruits and Vegetables That Are Rich in Fiber

The fiber in these food options, clean your teeth and increase saliva production which is nature’s defence against cavities. Eating these fiber-rich foods can also restore minerals to areas of your teeth that lost minerals due to bacterial acids.

Dairy Products

Cheese, yogurt, milk and other dairy products are excellent at producing saliva. Not to mention, both cheese and milk contain phosphates, which help to put minerals that were lost back into your mouth. Also, eating these dairy products can help you to rebuild tooth enamel.

Teas (Green and Black Tea)

When you drink tea, especially green and black tea, they may not be the greatest at keeping your teeth white, but they do contain polyphenols which interact with plaque bacteria. Substances can kill or prevent bacteria from growing and creating acids that attack your teeth. Also, tea can be a source of fluoride which is known to strengthen tooth enamel.

Sugar-Free Gum

As mentioned above, saliva is important because it washes away food particles in your mouth. Chewing a stick of sugarless gum after a meal is a great way to increase saliva production in your mouth.

Foods That Have Fuoride

Consuming something with fluoride could be good for your teeth. Most tap water contains fluoride, but some other options include powdered juices, and some commercially prepared food like poultry products, seafood, and powdered cereals. A dentist near you can also provide you with a fluoride treatment when you visit their dental office in Burnaby.

The wrong food choices to make:

Stick Candies and Sweets

If you are a candy lover, then you may be upset to hear that candy leads to cavities. Well, perhaps the candy itself does not cause cavities rather it is the process that occurs in your mouth after you eat them.

Starchy Foods

Soft bread, chips, crackers, and other starchy foods can get stuck between your teeth, which can also lead to cavities.

Carbonated Drinks

If you want healthy teeth and good oral health overall, put down the pop and soft drinks, these contain crazy amounts of sugar, phosphoric and citric acids that destroy your tooth enamel.

Substances That Dry Your Mouth Out

Alcohol and medicine can dry your mouth out. If you are taking a medication and have been experiencing dry mouth, visit a dental clinic near you. They can provide you with different solutions to lubricate your mouth and restore moisture.

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