Life will be Simple if you do this 5 actions in a day

Life will be simple

Life will be Simple if you do this 5 actions in a day

As human being, we only have the ability to think and act. That means we can do things and also have the freedom to make mistakes and also to rectify it.

Every morning please gave a chance to your mind to hug you.

How it can?

  1. A smile can hug yourself. Say a big Hai…. to yourself!

Simple….be fresh with water and stand in front and look to the mirror. Yes, there is only you and your reflection. But at that time that refection is a strong person than you. How? Because if our face is very upset the whole day will spoil by the influence of the mirror. So to overcome that, say aloud hai to yourself and make a pleasant smile.

Do you know …a smile can change a lot? And of course, only the smile of you can hug you.

  1. Keep both of your hands close. Say Ready to Go.

 And also keep both of your hands close to each other as you do with your friends with confidence. There is an inner friend always will be there to support you. But our timid mentality always shut the door of your friend, so he can’t come out to help you. So the only solution is to give confidence to your mind by the action of Keeping your both hand firm and say Ready to Go.

  1. Say Today is My Day

Close your eyes and Say Today is My Day……loudly 5 times. Our sound is first here by our mind and our soul. This can do by yourself only. Because the earth and all other galaxies are here to watch you, what you are going to do today. Don’t scare anybody, but be with nature. 

  1. Have a morning walk and talk with nature. 

    A Doctor is ready to cure without any charges!

 We all heard about the natural cure!

 Actually, we are not giving the space for nature to heal our wounds. Mother Nature has immense power to keep us fresh. The well-known Indian Vedic concept of Pancha-Bhoothas is here itself to help you without any consultation charges.

Use fresh water to clean your face, special energy will get immediately to you. Keep warm with the SUN and fire, it gives you energy to Act. Allow the fresh air to soothe your body and do deep breathing, that fresh air fills your body with energy. Try to walk barefooted in sand, mud and even rocks and feel free of cost the acupressure. Keep your concentration to the vast sky, just lay down in an open space- look to the deep and clear sky which give you the immense space for your mind.

  1. Don’t allow the gadgets to take your control

The most dangerous enemy of the common man is now the gadgets which (we says Bheja Khatha hai) eats your brain! Keep away with all that, just after you wake up even at least up to 8 O’clock (For those who are going to the office at 9 am)


Personality is the Presence of mind. Usually, we all fail to overcome the situation only because we are not prepared for our self. At last, we blame others for spoiling that day. Keep the 5 Tips in your mind and step out from our home, success will be yours.

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