Boy who sees with his eyes closed


Boy who sees with his eyes closed

Boy who sees with his eyes closed

As our scriptures say, “Aham Brahmasmi”! Now, that’s what defines me and makes me, me! – ‘Vikramjeet Singh Kanwar’ or ‘Max’, as I am lovingly known.

I believe: “I am not the body, nor am I the mind”. I am simply the soul, which is a part of the super soul, or to put it in other words, I believe that I am simply the ‘energy’ whose purpose is to merge with the ‘universal energy’. Quantum Physics and all domains of Science have established that ‘Everything is Energy’.

Implying that ‘The Universe’ is a huge ball of Energy, of which I, you, everyone, and everything is a part of – which means that I, you, everyone, and everything is nothing but – Energy! Whatever I am capable of doing is simply because I believe that I am a part of this Universe – This Huge Energy Ball. And the more I am learning to attune to this Universal Energy, I am more and more becoming a part of it. And again; scientifically speaking; since everything is a part of this ‘Brahmand’ or ‘Universe’ – Everything is Energy, so am I. So, to simply put it across; because everything is ‘ENERGY’; including myself; I find no difference in the cause and effect of what I perceive or what I do.

I, as on date (year 2019) am 12 years old, studying in Grade 8. Have a small loving family comprising of my grandmother and my best buddy (my mom). I kinda excel in Mathematics and love my Sciences. Am a sportsperson, and have played Basketball @ National and International Levels. Also, I am preparing for the state championship of Boxing this year. In addition I also have my little enterprise called ‘Max Rebuilds’ wherein we offer innovative Recycled products in exchange of waste paper (basically we have re-introduced Bartering) (you may check us out at

So, I pretty much am like most of the kids around. The only difference is that I do mostly what everyone else does – but not by seeing through my physical eyes or sensing through my physical senses, but by seeing/ sensing through the my vision which I derive from the ‘Universal Energy’, and I like to call it “Vision beyond Vision”.

Simply putting it across, I do my research and homework while I am ‘Blindfolded’. Also, I cycle around my colony with my friends ‘Blindfolded’. I also master my game of Boxing or Basketball while being ‘Blindfolded’. I even drive (at times my mom’s car) – but mostly drive through the go karting range ‘Blindfolded’. I walk around high streets and malls ‘Blindfolded’. Also I watch movies ‘Blindfolded’. So, effectively I do mostly everything that most kids around do, but by not using my physical sense organs – but by attuning myself to the Energy and deriving ‘Vision beyond Vision’.

What is more interesting is that I am now working upon skills to align my energies with that of my mom, so that I can remotely from wherever without any form of physical / telephonic or electrical connection, tell where she is and what she is upto. That’ll be fun! ‘Remote Viewing”.

very single person is a storehouse of immense potential, which just needs to be unearthed and awakened. By being amongst the people, and sharing with them my little secret, I try and trigger their mind and help them identify their hidden skill set.

As is said, ‘Seeing is Believing’, and when people see me right in front of their eyes doing stuff which they call ‘magic’ or ‘miarcle’ (as their logical mind cannot comprehend to the same), this is when I try and persuade them to find the hidden super-hero and the super-powers within themselves.

My intent is to spread the awareness about the hidden inherent skills that everyone possesses, and with the combination of the ‘logics of science’, and ‘philosophy of spirituality’, explain people the ‘power of the mind’, and ‘concepts of energy’ – motivating people to align themselves with the universal energy through ‘Meditation’.

Closing Thoughts
If people are not laughing at your dreams, your dreams are not big enough. So, dare to dream, step up and explore, as it is just the dead fish which go with the flow. Go ahead, and Live free

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