Things to Contemplate in CakePHP Web Development for Success!

Things to Contemplate in CakePHP Web Development for Success!

With CakePHP, you get an excellent opportunity to build a flexible website well-equipped with great features and functions. This PHP framework is widely accepted for it's easy to incorporate strategies while aiming to develop competitive web solutions.

You can easily exploit this open-source framework to build custom websites while getting access to its in-built features like multiple servers and frameworks to support, security, code reusability, XML support, and multiple plugins to use.

However, many of us tend to make some mistakes while developing our web app with CakePHP. This post is dedicated to contemplating those things that are often left neglected by us, whereas they are the most important aspects of app development.

  • Meet the latest web standards

While dealing with the software, you need to have a keen eye to the update releases by web standards. The same is the case with CakePHP it is backed up by a huge community of developers, so keep on evolving.
Ensure that the CakePHP application that you are developing meets the latest web development standards.

  • Make a search-friendly URL structure

SEO or search engine optimization is an essential term for every web development project. In a world full of competition, you can not make your business run without an adequate search engine ranking. No matter you are a web developer or a beginner, mistakes can happen anytime and anywhere.

For instance, many of us forget to make a search-friendly website URL structure that can cost you so much. Therefore, make sure to incorporate the necessary keywords while optimizing the URL structure.

  • Stick to Controllers for Logic

When you choose an expert PHP development agency, they always prefer to keep business logic in controllers while working with the CakePHP framework. Because whenever we are using an MVC pattern, a controller file must be used for what it is meant for i.e. controlling.

Using your controller file for logic instead of models will allow you to handle user actions conveniently.

  • Avoid incorporating unnecessary features

In CakePHP web app development, try not to incorporate redundant features. If you do so, it will add to the loading times of your website and will make it cluttered as well. Also, try to keep the website’s accessibility, graphics, layout, and navigation simple and well-optimized.

If you ignore this aspect, you will make a bad impact on your business in the long-run.

  • Double-check your code

Not just CakePHP, it is always important to double-check the code written for your web application. Doing so will help you to reduce the errors in run time.

  • Content structure

Content on your CakePHP web application is hugely responsible for getting web traffic. An unorganized content on your site is a blunder for any sort of application.

Try to keep your website content logically structured on the website that you are developing. Take good care of headings, keywords, bullets, sub-headings, and paragraphs.

  • Testing and QA

No matter how solid are your coding skills, but don’t ignore the need for testing. Testing and QA are important to guarantee the quality of your web solution developed.

Don’t limit yourself with a single test. Conduct a series of tests to figure out all possible errors while making your PHP application flawless.


In summary, I would state that CakePHP is a great software to build powerful PHP applications for different sorts of businesses. However, it is quite important to pay attention to the areas listed above in this article to ensure complete success.

If you succeed to follow these areas and avoid mistakes that hinder the overall performance of your website, your business is all set to rock the digital world.

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