Why it’s Hard to Sell your Long-Lived Home and How to Cope Up with the Phase

Why it’s Hard to Sell your Long-Lived Home and How to Cope Up with the Phase

Home is where the heart is. You hold your belongings, your memories and your everything in your home. It’s not only the architect built with construction materials but also your dream, your comfort zone and the home to your memories. It’s where you cry when you were sad, it’s the place where you celebrate when you were happy and it’s the place where you grew up.  

It’s the place associated with your comfort, peace, love, security, anger, and happiness. That’s why according to a study selling homes are the most anxiety-prone events of your lifetime.

Once in your lifetime, you might need to leave your home for a good career, a better job, changing place or the switch in your lifestyle. And your emotional attachment can come in between your home selling. However, there are many reasons people become emotionally attached to their homes and resist selling it.

If you can also relate to the pain of selling your home and struggling between the choices to sell your home or not, then read why it’s hard to sell your home. If you can relate to these reasons, then you and I are in the same phase. 

Let’s start!

  1. You Grew Up in your Home

If you have spent a considerable number of years in your home, then your mind must have filled with a bunch of memories. The walls, paintings, architect, quotes, pictures and conversations held at the places are deeply connected to your memory. That’s why when someone asks you to leave your place you start thinking of your memories, especially the parents.  

  1. It Belongs to your Ancestors

Sometimes the homes you live in have been lived by your ancestors or forefathers. It’s the family home and they want to continue the tradition by passing their home to the next generation.

So, in this case, it becomes tough to leave your home. That’s why when you ask people to leave the home they will feel like leaving a family member. 

  1. You Celebrated Here

Celebrations aren’t all about birthdays, it includes your winning moments, wedding feast, engagement parties or barbecues. When you think of your home, you also get a flashback to all those happy moments. So, it’s not about leaving your homes only but also the beautiful moments celebrated together. 

I can relate it to my friend timeline when she was asked to move KingWest condos Toronto by her father and she wasn’t happy to leave her home.

  1.  You Build it from Scratch

Some people build their homes from scratch. From furniture to crafts to garden, every inch of the home is self-decorated by the family members. It creates a bond between you and your home and it becomes hard to let it go easily.

Keeping your Emotions Aside Here’s How to Prepare Your Home for Selling

Undoubtedly, emotions play a huge role in the buying and selling of property but you can’t bear the loss while resonating with the emotions. So, if there’s a great opportunity and you have to sell your home so there you should dig your emotional side and look for the betterment of your life.

These tips will help you to cope:

  • Start considering your home as an asset instead of your everything.
  • Find the market value of your home, talk to real estate agents, see the market trends and do the needful.
  • If you’ve planned to sell it, bring down all your personal assets so you can start feeling less like home.
  • Consult a real estate agent who can help you sell your property at the right price.
  • Focus on your next phase of life and think of how to get better with it.
  • To protect this asset consider installing a CCTV Camera to monitor any potential threats to it.

Whether you’re shifting in the Toronto condos for rent or a single-family home, make sure you’re not taking any wrong decision for your future. It’s hard to sell your long-lived home especially when you have given the major part of your life building it. 

At some stages in life, you have to make decisions that are tough for you in the present but good for the future. 

So, whatever decision you take don’t let the emotions involved in it otherwise you’d suffer the loss.

The tips mentioned above will help you out to get out of your emotional zone. If you want to learn more about empathy while buying and selling properties, feel free to ask me in the comments below.

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