How the Latest Tech Can Collect Vital Audience Feedback for Your Event

How the Latest Tech Can Collect Vital Audience Feedback for Your Event

Collecting feedback after an event is essential to keep a check on how it went. Without knowing how your audience reacts to certain panels or if they were satisfied with the event management, you will not be able to improve your business on a large scale. Understanding how the attendees perceive your brand can not only better the user experience, but also give you some constructive feedback.


There is the issue of getting the right kind of feedback. Running surveys or comment cards seldom gives you the results you want because it takes up time and most people do not opt for giving their opinion. This does negatively affect any changes you would incorporate into your next event since you will not have adequate feedback to appease to the attendees.

Why is Feedback Important?

Any sort of post-event feedback can be helpful to the planners and organizers. Not only does it provide a reality check to the people behind the event, but it also highlights the positives present. To measure the effectiveness of your event as a whole, this is a progressive way to find out what you can keep and what you can change. Feedback also helps the following:

The Reputation of Your Company

Reputations of brands and businesses can be made or ruined because of event management. Any poor decisions made could destroy the rapport you have built with clients and customers. With constructive feedback, you could save your reputation.

Understanding Customer Service

Your part of customer service will be greatly improved when you understand where your event went wrong. Once you keep track of the collective issues your brand’s event has, you will be able to ensure they do not annoy your customers next time.

Better Communication

Once there is a place for improvement and engagement, there will ultimately be better communication between your brand and its target demographic. Your teamwork and morale will hence also see improvements.

Use of Tech in Event Management

Technology has taken over most industries in the workforce. Using tech is an easy and efficient way of managing your business event, from keeping attendance to getting audience reviews at the end. To gather a record of how the attendees felt about your event, you can now use the latest tech to get long term feedback with some incentives.


The trends in technology come and go in a flash. To keep up with them you need to better understand their use in your event, as well as try to market to the tech-savvy crowds you interact with. You can use a number of devices to reach your goal, which can be achieved through polls and surveys.

Go Mobile

In an attempt to properly reach your user base, you will need to go mobile. Using surveys that are optimized for devices like tablets and smartphones is an easy way to accomplish this. Respondents can use the flick of their fingers to open up surveys and give their feedback with little time wasted. If your event has not employed this yet, you can opt for an iPad hire decision to see if your audience reacts well.

Use Live Chat Sessions

The best feature you can include in your site is a live chat. This can address any issues your customers may experience on a more personal level. They could find some items they are looking for, make a complaint and ask any other questions they may have about your brand. Chat supports are vital in company growth and will hence better elaborate on the customers’ needs and the challenges they face.

Monitor Social Channels

Your business should have standard social media sites, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.  These are readily available resources for customer feedback, and you can make separate accounts for your events. These sites provide tools that can help your brand in “social listening” by understanding what you are lacking when compared to your competitors. Negative comments are especially useful in helping you understand where your event went wrong and how to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Wearable Tech

The ever increasing advent of VR technology has made it possible to sense the mood of your audience while the event is going on. This new wearable device can comprehend how people at your event are actually feeling in real-time by using biometric sensors. This is a simple and efficient method of getting the feedback you need to promote your brand. 

Live Polling

Another way to get the proper feedback you need is by using live polling during panel discussions through the big screen. This will increase audience interaction and participation and further elaborate on current trends. Answers can be tracked on individual polls and apps can be used to conduct them smoothly.


To make sure the customer experience at your event is satisfactory, feedback should be an integral part of your business strategy. Ultimately this should lead to organized changes and better customer service. The feasibility of the kind of feedback you collect is, however, dependent entirely on your brand and its goals.

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