Best Way to Transfer Google Drive Data to PC or Hard Drive – 100% Safe

transfer Google drive files locally

Best Way to Transfer Google Drive Data to PC or Hard Drive – 100% Safe

Google Drive is the most common cloud storage used by most of the users globally. Since Google announced its drive for Google Apps users, it has become the best storage platform. Almost everybody saves their important data over the drive so that they can access the data from anywhere. But what happens when you need the data and you don’t have an internet connection. It is better to copy Google drive folder to desktop or other external media also. This article is to help to know how to transfer Google Drive data to PC. Read the complete blog to perform the backup with ease.

What are the needs to Transfer files from Google Drive to PC or Hard Drive

  1. Google only provides limited storage space up to 15 GB. That including your Gmail, Google Calendar, Google contacts, and most important Google Drive. Its better to backup less important data from Google storage to local computers to save the server space.
  2. The other most common reason to have a copy of Google drive folder to desktop or hard drive is to access data in the absence of Internet connectivity. Google Drive data is stored on Google server and to access the data we need an internet connection. So, in case the user doesn’t have an internet connection available still they can access the data if saved locally.
  3. Another reason is that data stored over the internet is not safe always. Any hacker can corrupt or copy your data. It's better to have a copy of Google drive folder to desktop.
  4. Google doesn’t take responsibility to backup your data anywhere. If the data get deleted by mistake then there is no way to restore data from Google drive.

“Hello! I need some urgent help. Recently my Google account got hacked and after retrieving back to the account, I found out that the hacked as deleted all my Gmail and Drive data. Is there any way using which I can restore my deleted drive data?”

 “I have been using Google account for the last 10 years. My all-important data is saved on my Google drive. The problem is that now my Google account storage is full and I cannot store any more data. I don’t wanna delete my any data, can I transfer files from Google Drive to PC or hard drive. Please suggest me a method”

I hope it's now clear to you why it is necessary to save Google Drive data on the local computer is necessary. If you see the query 1 we cannot help that type of user. He will not have that much problem if he had backed his drive data to local computer. But if you fall into a type of the second query or any other, then this blog is for you.

Best Method to Transfer files from Google Drive to Local Computer

The easiest method to save Google drive data locally is by using an automated tool like SysTools Google Drive backup software. It is the most reliable software to help Google drive users to copy Google drive folder to desktop or any other external media. Using this tool you can backup complete Google account data also. Using this you can save Google drawings, slides, presentations, slides, forms, docs, sheets and other data also. The best thing about this tool is that you can filter the data by date during the backup process.

Steps to Transfer Google Drive Data to PC / Hard Disk

1. Download & Install backup software
2. Enter the Google account credentials for login
3. Select the Categories as Documents
4. Apply filter option to save Google Drive data according to date range
5. Click on Export button to copy data to local computer

Advance Features of Backup Software to Save data locally

  • Save complete Google Drive data to PC
  • Date Range filter to backup selective data according to date
  • Incremental Backup features to export only new drive data.
  • Delete After Download option to free up server space after saving data
  • Available in 5 different language
  • Save drive data to desired location on the computer or hard drive
  • Available for both free Gmail and Business Gmail users


In this blog, we have explained the best possible method to transfer Google drive data to PC. It is necessary for Google users to save a copy of Google drive folder to local computer (PC or hard drive). You can try the free demo versions of the tool which allow you to export 25 Items from drive data to your computer or any external drive.

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