Glide SUP is one of the known watersports organizations. Glide SUP is famous for its design, performance, toughness, efficiency, high quality, resilience in the market all over the world. Glide SUP has launched its other products (boards) that are specifically designed for specific use like Yoga specific inflatable stand up paddle board, which was launched in the wanderlust gala. Glide SUP has designed its inflatable paddleboard with seat in such a way that it can engross 600 times the damnation as compare to a simple epoxy board can hold. Glide SUP has made its factory for the production of inflatable stand up paddle boards, inflatable paddle boards with seat and blow up paddle boards, which proves to be successful, all over the world. After receiving the customer's feedback regarding the inflatable paddle boards, they always try hard to design a product, better than the previous one. Inflatable paddleboards with seat, inflatable stand up paddle board and blow up paddle board can be used for a long period if some of the care tips are applied while using such boards. The tips prove to be helpful to keep the inflatable stand up paddle boards, inflatable paddle boards with seat and blow up paddle boards looking good and great for riding for many years. Maintenance is necessary for the inflatable stand up paddle boards, inflatable paddle boards with seat and blow up paddle boards to ensure their quality, performance, toughness, and useability. The tips are as follow:


Cleanliness helps to keep things safe for along period. In inflatable paddle boards, they should be cleaned after every use. Inflatable paddleboard should be cleaned with some water solution mixture. Water solution mixture help to keep it safe and provide long-lasting durability.

Lubrication to prevent rusting:

lubrication is necessary for the inflatable paddle boards to prevent the formation of rust, which can damage the paddleboards. All the metallic parts of the inflatable paddleboard should be lubricated and should all be made up of stainless steel. In this way, it prevents the paddleboards from rusting. It should be done each year or at least one time in two years.

Put the inflatable paddleboard in the sun:

It's good to put the inflatable paddle boards under the sun but it should not be put for a long period as its metallic parts cannot absorb more than 122 degrees Fahrenheit and it can also fade the graphics of such paddleboards.

Be conscious about your paddleboard and its locality:

Some small things in the surrounding prove to be harmful to the paddleboards, like docks, rocks, kids playing with some sharp things, or something dropped on the paddleboard. All such things are small but risky regarding the paddleboard's safety.

Look after your inflatable paddle boards for damages:

Paddleboards should be looked after on daily basis to see the holes or dings on them. If something severe happens to your paddleboard, take it to the SUP professional surfboard to repair the damage. Be conscious and careful, while taking the paddleboard in the water.

Confine your sup:

Tie your SUP with straps not overtight to prevent the formation of lines or cracks on the paddleboards. It saves the SUP and useable for many years.

Apply a leash:

After using the paddleboard, apply a leash on it. It is not that necessary to apply but it makes the paddleboard safer for the next and more use. By applying a leash, it confirms that the inflatable paddle boards will not end up banging against rocks, or docks.

Vent plug:

It is helpful as it does not create pressure and also avoids delamination. It makes the paddleboards comfortable to be used in working. They should also be unscrewed once a year to confirm they're in good shape.

Purchase and use the paddleboard bags:

Applying paddleboard bags, saves the inflatable paddle boards from scratches, dings, and other minor damages. Some bags have metallic sides that save the inflatable paddle boards from damages under the sun or on the top of the car.

Storing the inflatable paddleboard:  

Store your inflatable paddle board in low temperatures to save it from delamination, and any sharp areas to save it from damages and cracks.

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