Personalized Birthday Gift Ideas for Him and Her

Personalized gifts for brothers

Personalized Birthday Gift Ideas for Him and Her

A birthday is a fun and blissful occasion. Celebrating it with your dear ones is a reminder of how you are loved by good people. Receiving presents makes it more exciting and touching for the celebrant.  Through gifts, you can shower them with your overflowing love and care. Customized or personalized gifts make it beyond heartwarming and delightful.

Custom Fairy provides perfect gift ideas for your loved one’s special day.

a. Personalized Wall Art Birthday Present

Express your affection to your dear ones through these unique and amazing portraits. Custom Fairy artwork design stands out from the rest. This is because of the level of personalization they provide on their artworks. They put a lot of thought and effort into every creative piece they make.

You are free to choose from a variety of portrait designs and subjects:

  • Fun and amusing caricatures
  • Witty cartoons
  • Simple yet lovely portraits
  • And other incredibly aesthetic artworks

You are also free to select your own theme, background, outfits, color and shade, and even canvases. Custom Fairy has anexcellent satisfaction rate. This is because they offer high quality artistic pieces.

Other features of their artworks are:

  • Long-lasting color guarantee
  • Digitally hand-drawn
  • Made of first-class 5mm. mdf wood
  • Size: 47x30 cm / 18.5x12 inches

b. Personalized Special Day Stars Map Mug

Unique and interesting mugs are perfect gifts to a dear celebrant. You can customize it more by uploading an image and/or adding a name.This gift mug is not just any other mug. Aside from its stargazing and constellation theme, you can add other specifications.

You can put the following details to make it more personal, loving, and special.

  • Nameof the celebrant
  • Top and bottom texts
  • Date for the stars map
  • Hour for the stars map
  • Place for the stars map

The mug is made of porcelain. Its thickness is 4 mm. Height is 9.5 cm, while the diameter is 8.5 cm. The date and time of the special day, like a birthday, is the basis of the details for the star map. 

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