Everything You Need to Know About Microsoft Surface Duo

Everything You Need to Know About Microsoft Surface Duo

Microsoft recently announced its first phone in years, and it looks really promising. The announcement was a smart move as the phone is not going to be released until next year. So there is no need to provide specs or any other kind of information regarding the device, while still hyping up the market.

Everything You Need to Know About Microsoft Surface Duo

The phone will be released in the 2020 holiday season, and we know the basics of it. It definitely would not operate on Windows, and it will have a foldable design. The hype is real with the announcement as we may finally get to see a double-screen phone by Microsoft, which was previously expected to be the next big thing.

A 2-minute teaser was released for the announcement, and the teaser performed its job flawlessly. Not much was exposed while it still intrigued the viewers about the upcoming device. The device will take on Galaxy fold and the forthcoming Motorola Razr.

  • The Cost

We know from experience that foldable phones are not cheap at all. The Galaxy Fold is sold at $1,980, while the delayed Mate X by Huawei will cost $2,600. Surface Duo is not precisely a foldable phone, but it facilitates the same objective by enhancing the screen size.

We already know how convenient the big screen is for every purpose. The Surface Duo seems like the perfect hybrid tablet-phone as it combines two 5.6-inch screens via a hinge. Due to all the speculation and expected features, the price will definitely be above $1,500.

  • About 5G

Despite Microsoft’s resistance, Surface Duo is a phone indeed as it makes phone calls. What is not known that if it will rock that 5G or not.

The device will run on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 chipset, which is compatible with 5G if you have the right modem. However, within a year, a new processor might be released by Qualcomm, which will surely support 5G. So it is highly likely that it would support 5G; otherwise, it would not be able to fend off against the competition.

  • Where to buy

Microsoft has had a strong relationship with carriers ever since the time of Windows phone. However, there is no confirmation as to how well the carrier system is now after the Windows phone dried up. It is anticipated that the first word about Surface Duo is to establish and maintain the carrier system. The majority of the US receive their phones via carriers, which means without it, the company is doomed.

  • App functionality with full-screen

The demo video showed a simple drag to get the apps accessible on both screens. This allowed two options; the same apps to function on both screens or a split-screen for different apps. This is going to be the case for native apps, especially the ones with tablet support.

However, what is not certain is what will happen to the apps that are not optimized for large screens. Microsoft called in for developers who may signal at major developers optimizing their apps for split-screen functionality.

  • Comfort during long use

 If you have prior used foldable devices, then you must know that the slightly heavyweight could cause discomfort in the long term of usage. Surface Duo will pack a lot of the glass as well, so it will be interesting to see how it will fare out during prolonged use.

  • Only One Camera?

The demo showed the device with merely one camera on its right side, which is a huge surprise seeing every flagship now has several of them. The Galaxy Fold holds six-cameras, which may affect Surface Duo as it packs only one. This could be Microsoft’s way of saying that one quality camera is enough; however, even the Pixel series that is known to offer the best image quality is set to come with dual lenses. It will be tough for Microsoft to compete in the market without providing a quality camera setup.

  • Android 10 or 11?

The Surface Duo currently operates on Android 9, but Android 10 is already available on several devices, and by the time Surface Duo releases, Android 11 will be too. However, this does not mean that Android 11 will be available in Surface Duo since OS implementation takes a hefty amount of time. It is most likely that we will get Android 10, which will be upgradable to Android 11 afterward.

Additional Known Details

Here are some known details about the device:

  1. 8.3 inches of screen to use.
  2. The right-screen will display phone calls.
  3. Support Pen is supported; however, you may need to buy it separately.
  4. Items can be dragged from one screen to another.
  5. No outer screen, the phone has to be entirely open for being utilized.


The known specs for the device go like:

  1. Two displays of 5.6-inches.
  2. A total screen of 8.3 inches.
  3. Snapdragon processor 855.
  4. 4.8 mm thin.
  5. Type-C USB Port.
  6. Fingerprint sensor.


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