Educated Dogs


Educated Dogs

Educated Dogs


Never forget that in every society educated dogs are appreciated or loved by any person. People know educated pets will never harm anybody. If there are kids in your house and your pet is not educated then you can think about what types of problems can be seen. So train your dog as early as possible so that your entire family can enjoy while playing. Follow @strongworkingk9


Doogle World has made it SIMPLE to search for trainers, review their website and/or social media accounts, read their ratings and reviews, view training schedules, make contact with trainers, and even a way of knowing if they are accepting clients are not!

Are you a Dog Owner who have struggled to find a dog trainer for your canine companion? Are you a Dog Trainer, Club, or Organization who offer dog training services? Doogle World mobile app was created for just these reasons, connecting those dog owners with local dog businesses to get the help they need.

Dog Owners shouldn’t have to be frustrated with spending days or hours searching for Dog Trainers when they have a dog training need. Whether you are looking for dog sport clubs or dog trainers that can help you and your canine companion with dog dancing, obedience, agility, personal protection, behavior modification, or tricks, Doogle World has made it easy for dog owners.

Just download the Doogle World mobile app and search by using the drop-down menu of approximately twenty training types as well as use filters to include distance, and reviews. We wanted it to be that easy, that fast.


The thousands of dog trainers, clubs, and organizations in over 40 states provided in the mobile app is to ensure that any dog training need is covered no matter the dogs age or breed. Doogle World provides a platform that helps small dog training businesses have similar opportunities of large businesses.

Most dog training clubs and businesses are adding their profiles nationwide and others are added through public records and other sources. As much information as possible is being added to each training profile to include contact information, websites, schedules, and social media accounts.

This is all to help dog owners get a list of the best local professional dog trainers and clubs for their needs. Dog Trainers will also see a decrease in owners contacting them for services they don’t offer.


Doogle World, now rated #1 for finding local professional dog trainers, is on track to be the household name for any dog training need or service! “Who can give me a ride home from the airport “? You should call for an Uber or Lyft”. “Where should I go to get dog training help”? Whether it is looking for a local dog trainer or needing to just ask dog training related questions, we can now all say “Download the Doogle World app!”.

We understand that sometimes dog owners just need a question answered which is why we created a 24/7 Forum. All questions will go to trainers listed in the mobile app so you can get as many responses as possible, and quickly.

Lastly, what is a Dog mobile app without being able to post your canine companion training video, a picture of pure cuteness, or the pup just being lazy. It is nice seeing a feed dedicated to only dog photos and videos.

Doogle World is getting the attention of many dog owners and trainers nationwide. We will continue to make connecting dog owners with dog trainers easy.

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