Reshape Brand Image with Transforming Outbound/Inbound Call Center Services

Reshape Brand Image with Transforming Outbound/Inbound Call Center Services

Call center outsourcing for monetary gains has become quite a trend these days. As businesses look to increase profits by cutting costs, there is a bias towards the cheapest vendor when it comes to the selection of an outbound or inbound call center outsourcing vendor.

Inbound Call center Services vs. Outbound Call Center Services

Inbound call center services are provided by agents after receiving a call from a customer. Generally, such calls are query-based or issue-based. In both the cases, an agent provides step-by-step instructions and resolves the issue on call or answers the relevant query.

Outbound call center services are the ones in which agents make calls to people for a variety of purposes. The most common uses of outbound services are telemarketing and lead generation. However, nowadays outbound services are also used for appointment setting, collection, customer feedback etc.

While both these services are call-based, the skills required for them are different. An inbound call center services agent needs to have a logical mindset to understand customer issues and provide resolutions. On the other hand, an outbound call center services agent should be articulate and persuasive. The challenge of meeting targets in an outbound process can be particularly straining for an agent. Therefore, it is important for agents to be mentally strong and they should be able to handle pressure very well. When it comes to inbound calling, agents have certain specific KPIs that should be met at all times like FCR, AHT, QA score, CSAT etc.

Both these services have their own importance and their significance varies according to the specific requirement of a company. In case, a company already has sprawling business, it would require inbound services more than the outbound services. And, if a company is losing clients/customer fast, then it would need the help of a capable outbound call center outsourcing partner to stem the rot and bring in new business.

Transform Image by Partnering with a Capable Call Center Outsourcing Services Provider

If you feel that the image of your company is not what you intend it to be, then the fault may not lie with your product/service alone. It has been discovered that generally it is a lacking call center department that lets a company down but they fail to recognize it in time. Hence, it is important to partner with a capable vendor that allows for:

  1. Cost-cutting without any lowering of quality – More often than not, the price of service is directly proportional to the quality of service. However, it is still possible to find a quality inbound call outsourcing vendor at a decent cost. Especially if you outsource your call center business to a company located in countries like India, you get access to competent service providers at an affordable price due to the low value of currency in developing countries.
  2. Implementation of the best call center software – Regardless of the workforce, a quality call center software solution can be the difference between success and failure in a call center process. A quality CRM can bring in new efficiency into the process and allow agents to provide better services.
  3. Experienced agents and managers – A workforce that is diligent and sincere often builds positive relationships with customers. By building good relationships, it leverages your reputation and enhances the image of your brand. 
  4. Unlike inbound call center services that are deemed essential, outbound call center services are more of a requirement. When the business starts to take a dip or you need new clients to generate more revenue, outbound call center services like telemarketing and lead generation can come to your rescue.

  5. Need for gift of gabOutbound call center outsourcing services require agents to be persuasive and assertive. They should be very good speakers and be able to guide a conversation towards a sale or successful promotion.
  6. Agents who can work under pressure and good motivational managers – Outbound sales process is not for the weak-hearted. It requires agents that can work under pressure to meet targets. Also, there is a pressing need for motivational managers who can motivate deflated agents and get them back in their groove.

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