7 Tips To Improve Communication Skills

Communication Skill

7 Tips To Improve Communication Skills

Communication Skills And How To Improve It

The basic need of life after food, money and shelter is to have interaction with people i.e. communication. Communication can be both formal and informal depending upon the person talking to and the situation. Informal communication doesn’t have too much of rules and don’t need as much professionalism as formal communication does. Communication is one of the most important factors in professional world, whether a person having his own business or whether working under someone, in both cases communication skills are required. People may be technically sound and have complete knowledge of his field but lack in communication skill will not let him be successful. Proper communication skills at work help you communicate the non-positive messages gracefully and without any conflict. It is very necessary to improve communication skills at work for yourself.

Accepting of not being too good in communication do not bring the integrity down of oneself and working on it will always be helpful. Some of the key tips to improve communication skills at work are:

1. Improving listening skills:

A very bad habit of people is to interrupt in between someone who is talking and not letting the person finish what he wants to say. This is the lack of listening skills and is a key part of the communication skills because if you are not listening to what the person wants to convey you would work incorrectly. So, a habit to listen the person who is conveying a message is very necessary.

It’s not necessary to like someone or agree to their ideas in order to communicate well. Communicating sometimes may be difficult, but that difficult communications results into profound connections and successful deals. Moreover, you should always be keen to what is being conveyed. In between nodding of head and smiling at the person makes the speaker feel good. Lastly, the posture should seem inviting and open.

2. Non-verbal Communication:

Body language is one important part of communicating. Learning proper posture is necessary to improve communication skills at work. What a person don’t conveys or says, his/her body posture does it. The small movements, looks and reaction tell more than the words alone can do.

Sitting at the edge of the seats, uncrossed arms and an open stance is an effective way to enhance communication. Maintaining eye contact with the person you are communicating is very important to express your interest in that communication.

3. Easy and preferred way to Communicate:

Different people have different comfortable methods to have a conversation or to communicate, and knowing that is suggested in order carrying out smooth communication and it also enhances the communication skills. Some may like emails but the other would like to communicate over a phone call.

On the other hand someone would be comfortable over social media and instant messaging to convey thing. Respecting the other person and giving it a try to use the method in which the person is comfortable in, is preferred.

4. Tone of speaking:

Tone determination over messages and emails is difficult. Sometimes, it may seem rude or sometimes it may seem that you have responded in anger. Cooling down before responding is better and avoids the usage of exclamation marks in emails. It’s suggested to meet the person and carry out the conversation which will help in avoiding miscommunication and misunderstandings.

5. Vocabulary and Grammar:

A very important aspect for good communication skills is the vocabulary power and grammar. Good vocabulary gives a number of words to explain what you want to say. It helps in providing better understanding to the person. A good set of vocabulary is always impressive. Moreover, one should always proofread anything before sending. Coming across spelling mistakes and grammatical errors while proofreading helps in sending error free emails and letters.

6. Proper Rephrasing:

When asked to restate what has been conveyed it’s important to mention the important points that was told. This shows that you were attentive while you were conveyed the message or important notices. Any confusion then can be clarified easily by both the parties.

7. Improve every time:

Never think that you are perfect in communicating with people. There always a chance to commit mistake so always have the interest of learning. Moreover as much you practice the more you increase the skill of effective communication. Observing others always helps in improving the communication skills.

Communication skills can be learnt, improved and enhanced at any age. Even people younger to you may have better communication skills and there is no harm in learning from them a new thing. In today’s era, personal interview rounds to select people for any job is being judged highly on the communication skills. The group discussion rounds are common nowadays and is a clear taste of your communication skills. Many times communication skills makes a good impression in anyone’s mind. Communication is the key to the corporate world. In order to stand out from the crowd possessing good communication skills is necessary.


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