Home Elevators- Book Your Site Visit (At Cibes, We follow the Covid 19 Safety Norms)

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Home Elevators- Book Your Site Visit (At Cibes, We follow the Covid 19 Safety Norms)

Disclaimer: During the site visit, our sales staff and installation team wear masks when inside your home and take safety precautions very seriously.

The site investigation is as important as it is for other trades like for roof inspectors or your plumber. You cannot accurately fix the price until the plumber visits and identifies the problem or a home renovator/painter who must visit your home to know that the materials and quantities arrived in the correct ratio as included in the plan. Although these providers can surely tell their customers the price ranging for the jobs required but still they have to visit the site to give you exact quotes and make you understand the details of the process and final price.

It is quite the same with home elevators, commercial lifts, wheelchair lifts or any other mobility solutions. Their installation requires a complex assembling of the parts or may / may not require construction. While we in the residential elevator industry too can give you a range of prices but to tell you the exact one, we require visiting and inspecting the site.  And this requires an in-home visit.

To know more about home elevators, you can read here: https://www.cibeslift.com.ph/blogs

Now you know why it is important for us to have an on-site visit. Let’s dive into what would remain part of the site visit for residential elevator after you have setup the consultation with us over call or in-office or over email:

  1. Our team of professionals would reach the site on time. Since it is a pandemic situation, we make sure not two people arrive for inspection and they follow the safety norms.
  2. We would take details from you regarding your current need and what it may be in future. The number of people in the household who would be using the lift, their age or any medical conditions. The frequency of visitors and lift usage.
  3. Evaluation of home interior and exterior structure would be carried to look for the elevator installation location and challenges.
  4. We will discuss with you the options that will fit in your home like the type or model of elevator, the best location to install it, if it requires retrofit- how much modification home would require.
  5. Additional materials that would be required to be procured and installed for the elevator. This will surely affect the final pricing.
  6. The different customisation options that will look great in your home.
  7. After the visit, we would email you the proposal which would include the residential lift options, planning and design, purchase and installation including the electrical fittings, framing, elevator permits e and maintenance plan etc.
  8. We would look forward to have follow –up from your side instead of up calling our sales pitch. You take your time to review the scope of the project and the pricing.
  9. After receiving your go-ahead we would schedule the home lift installation at your convenient day and time for you.
  10. We provide the fastest installation service i.e less than a week.

Call us at 0276241000 to schedule the site visit with one of our experts.


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