4 Easy Ways To Connect With Your Audience Over Social Media

Audience Over Social Media

4 Easy Ways To Connect With Your Audience Over Social Media

The social media landscape has really changed over the last few years. So much so that many small businesses are finding it hard to connect with their audience over social media and even finding it tough to figure out which social media platform to be on in the first place!

The options are endless, from the social giant that is Facebook, to the newest players like TikTok, deciding where to go is tough enough, but what content to publish? That’s a hard one!

Publishing Properly

For most brands, no matter what their size, learning to properly connect with their audience over social media is vital, because it provides your brand with a ‘face’ and even a ‘personality’ going forward.

Here are four ways you can showcase your brand’s personality on social media, and tailor it to each particular network and each particular audience’s likes and dislikes to maximize reach and potential.

Use Brand Ambassadors

Social media brand ambassadors are the human face of your brand, and they will be your advocates across social media acting as the bridge between you and your customers.

Ambassadors are a great way to promote your products using faces and personalities that your audience already knows and loves, as well as leveraging a bigger following to get your products and services out to a new group of people, fans, and followers.

Be sure to invest in a good ambassador program that will help you keep track and organize your ambassador connections and see what they are doing for your brand.

Explore User Generated Content

User-generated content is any content that is not created directly by you or your influencers and ambassadors but features your brand and helps you in your marketing efforts.

It is relatively easy to get user-generated content; run some competitions or invest in good social listening to see when your brand has been mentioned by others, but be sure to ask permission first before using the content that has been created as this content does not belong to you, regardless of whether or not it features your brand or products.

Improve Your Product Photography

There is product photography, and then there is product photography!

While your product page on your website needs to have a clutter-free clear image of your products from various angles, these images will not work for social media as they are too bland and boring.

Make sure you invest in good product photography, including lifestyle photography and images of your products being used in real-world scenarios. This attention to detail over social media creates a more immersive experience for your audience.

Celebrate National Holidays

Everyone loves a good celebration, be it Christmas or the 4th of July! As a brand, it is a great way to connect with your audience and bring a little bit of personality into your products and services.

For maximum impact, make sure you celebrate the big holidays and any national days and celebrations that are right for your brand. Celebrations like National Puppy Day or even National Cookie Day are great opportunities for engaging content!

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