The List of Passenger Rights When Traveling By Bus in Europe

The article talks about the rights based on Europe’s regulation concerning the passengers of bus and coach transport and are implemented in over all states that are situated in the continent.  

Several things come to mind when you’re traveling. But before you proceed to preparations and all, what comes first is finding out the rights you’re entitled to as a passenger so you would know the right time to complain and demand a settlement between you and the involved company. While overseeing the beautiful continent of Europe, you will experience riding on the iconic sets of coach hire in Manchester. And before you take your first step, get to know the following rights based on Europe’s regulation concerning the passengers of bus and coach transport and are implemented in over all states that are situated in the continent.  

  • Right to be free from discrimination

All passengers have the right to be free from any discrimination according to their race and disability. In other words, the bus company cannot give a different amount of fare to any foreign passenger just because he/she speaks a different language. Also, refusal to any bookings and reservations to handicapped are extremely restrained.

All passengers, especially those with disabilities, are welcome to take the trip unless traveling by far would affect the health condition of the passenger. In response to this, all staffs are expected to be trained and equipped with disability awareness to properly assist the passengers with vision, hearing, or speech impairment and when it comes to handling wheelchairs, crutches or walking sticks, and other forms of mobility.

  • Right to information

Another requirement for bus companies and their operators is to address all the passengers’ queries regarding the entirety of the trip such as reservations, cancellations, amount of fare, directions, itineraries, and other information.

  • Right to take a refund and compensate

Either delays or cancellation of trips can cause a serious inconvenience to passengers. So, if you experience any of these difficulties by chance, here are three rewarding opportunities that you are entitled to:

☑ Request ticket price reduction when bus or coach service is delayed for at least half an hour (the amount of compensation increases depending on the length of delay)

☑ Take a refund covering the full amount of ticket price for cancellation

☑ Compensate half of the ticket price in addition to the reimbursed amount of ticket if the bus company fails to provide you with these options

☑ Compensate for injury, loss of luggage, or death in the event of road accidents


Note: Compensation is payable regardless of what has caused the delay.

  • Right to receive adequate assistance

In relation to what the first bullet points out, passengers have the right to receive proper and adequate assistance to experience a comfortable and satisfying journey. Part of giving assistance is the offering of snacks and refreshments (service depends on the bus company), providing comfort and accommodation, plus loading and unloading of luggage bags.               

  • Right to cancel reservations

Cancellation of travels is inevitable, especially if problem comes up with your schedule and that you just need to prioritize a more important event than your trip. As passengers, you are eligible for cancellation of your reservation to the bus company. However, you can only take a refund if cancellation has been made in a certain duration prior to the schedule of your trip. This may depend on the bus company’s protocol.

  • Right to complain

Customers, including passengers, are always right. Believe it or not, your feedback matters to the company. Thus, they welcome all your thoughts, suggestions, and even complaints so they can address the customer’s concerns and find ways to improve their services. When addressing a complaint to the bus company, make sure that you familiarize yourself with the following information:

☑ Type of bus involved

☑ Bus registration number

☑ Contact number of bus driver

☑ Destinations

☑ Exact date and time of travel

☑ Cite your claims


If claims are not given enough attention, passengers have the right of taking the case to higher authority.


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