How Reusable Tote Bags Help in Protecting the Environment

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How Reusable Tote Bags Help in Protecting the Environment

The world is, today, facing grave danger and is almost getting sucked up by the use of the plastic bags. They are the devils that have taken real toll on the health of the earth.

You can find them everywhere from the ones that are piled on the landfills high or are floating around in the ocean.

It is one of the major reasons that the earth is facing the existential crisis. So we can do our part of protecting the earth by switching to the reusable tote bags. From the groceries to the books, the tote bags are strong enough to hold anything and everything and durable enough to be used time and again.

So are the tote bags really beneficial for the environment? Let’s take a look.

  • Tote Bags Help You to Conserve the Resources – Though they may seem light and insignificant, the plastic bags have larger carbon footprint than you can imagine which begins with the energy needed for making them. The plastic bags are made with over 11 million barrels of oil that are used for manufacturing just 14 plastic bags.

  • Tote Bags Help in Protecting the Wildlife – The disposable plastic bags often end up in the countryside or ocean and pose dangers to the birds, fish and mammals. With the help of the reusable bags, you can save lakhs of marine animals and millions of birds.

  • They Assist in Reducing Pollution – The plastic impacts on the ambience can be destructive. The plastic bags and other plastic products can take between 15-1,000 years for breaking down. This is done after assuming that they make it to the landfill instead of getting accumulated in the water like ocean, rivers and streams. It can also float around the neighbourhood. Over the billion plastic shopping bags used, only a percent is recycled as a result of which a huge amount of plastic bag pollution is annually generated.

  • They Help to Do Away with the Recycling Problems –A majority of recycling equipment cannot handle recycling of the plastic bags even at places where environmentally aware people take them for recycling. The bags can create clogging of the machinery, get snagged on the conveyors belts and they can get drifted to the other portions of the recycled plant or may be even outside the plant. The best way to deal with these plastic bags is to take them to the particular drop-off centre which can be found at the local grocery store.

  • Tote Bags Help to Keep the Oil in the Ground – As oil is used for manufacturing the plastic bags, using the tote bags means that the more fossil fuel is used. This does not just reduce the carbon emissions but also implies that the non-renewable and valuable resource can last longer.

  • Tote Bags Can be Repurposed for Other Uses – The tote bags can be used for a lot more than just carrying the groceries. The reusable bag is structured in a way that can be used for many things. You can use them to carry snacks or even carry your lunch in them.

  • Tote Bags Assist in Improving the Drainage System – Purchasing the reusable bags are made from the sustainable crops like jute or bamboo can assist the textile workers and farmers to support their families and themselves. The demand for the reusable bags can offer the valuable revenue system.

The above are some of the ways reusable tote bags assist in protecting the environment. It is for this reason that more and more businesses are opting for custom tote bags for the promotion and establishment of their brand as eco-friendly venture.

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