Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

A wedding gown is an essential item for bridal attire. Hairstyles, on the other hand, are the second most important to complete the desired look. Over time, people have stereotyped weddings with long hairs. Time is changing, and so is the value we place on the wedding hairstyles. Hairstyle complements the shape of your face and therefore you should go for a hairstyle that matches your facial shape. People who are used to short hairs should not get into the hassle of looking for extensions; rock the short hair with the following hairstyles.  

Low Messy Chignon 

Just like its name, its stylishly messy and has loose curves at the ends. This hairstyle will complement a simple wedding. It fits with the barn wedding. This low messy chignon hairstyle is made perfect with fresh or artificial flowers around the head. Don't forget light spray to make hair shine and pins to hold the curls together. 

Neat Bridal Hairstyle

This hairdo makes the bride look elegant and modern. It's for bob hair length which is straightened, and a headband adds the charm to the look. The headband could be a simple strap with pearls. The hairstyle is best for sophisticated weddings.

Airy Curly

It is one of the fanciful hairstyles. It is an effortless hairdo and very stunning. It is casual updo which you tease roots of the hair, twist with your hands and pin it. A dazzling hair clip on the side complements the hairstyle. This hairdo looks perfect in v necked bridal gown.

Vintage Curls

Just like its name, it's a short bridal hairstyle with vintage curls. This hairstyle enhances the feminine look. The soft vintage curls compliment bob sized hair. It is then paired with an attractive hairclip which is attached to the headband. To achieve the vintage curls, the hair is swaddled in a different direction.

Curly Updo

Many options come with short hair hairstyles. For example, in this case, the hair is curled, and then the pins are used to put it into place. Fancy jewels are added to the hair and glower to give it an occasion finishing.

The illusion of length

Just like its name, this hairdo makes the hair look longer. Braids make the hair look more prolonged than usual and add volume in the hair. In this case, hard spray and enough pins will put this hairstyle in place. The hair is then braided from one side and then pinned on the other. 

Formal Fauxhawk 

This hairstyle is for side shaved head. In this scenario, the top hair is curled for people with straight hair. To make it look fun and still sophisticated, add a clip on the side. 

Going Natural 

This hairstyle is for people with curly natural hairstyles. It is a known fact that these hairs grow at the same rate with straight hairs but not long enough to fall.for natural curled hairs, do not straighten it but rock it just the way it is. In case of a wedding, leave it with its different curls. This look will make you look unique and still beautiful because it's how you are naturally. 

Teased With Embellishments

Its the simplest hairstyle on the list. The hair is loosely combed to the back. Using your fingers, comb the hair backward. Use a strong spray and pin it at the end. Use simple and delicate pins and put a piece of baby breath flower. 

Retro Glam

The placing of the headband defines this hairstyle. Headbands add a vintage look to the bridal attire. In this case, you pull the headband up to the forehead and let it blend with the veil or other accessories.

Big And Fancy Curls

This hairstyle matches the brides babbling personality. Big, chunky, and elegant curls are made going backward. A big dazzling embellishment is placed to give the bride a fancy look. This look is defined by the shape and size of the curl. The bigger the decoration, the better the look.

Bohemian Bridal Hairstyle

This hair updo is perfect for people with shoulder-length hair. All the hair is pushed to the back and a big braided ban made. It is also an ideal daily hairstyle. 

Monroe Inspired Curls

Just like its name, this hairstyle is borrowed from the famous Marilyn Monroe. They are perfect for blonds. Big hair rollers make these curls. 

Sleek and Simple

Probably you have weighed all the curly options, but you still want something different. Just keep the hair straight, smooth, and elegant for your wedding. The look gets highlighting from the headband and other jewels available. 

In conclusion, hair length should not limit you from exploring and fitting your bridal look. Just look for a good hairstylist and get the best hairstyle for your big day. 

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